Sempra Energy's Mexican LNG Unit 'Energia Costa Azul' Inappropriately Removes Key Provision in Environmental Impact Document to Continue its Operations, States Landowner Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie

Landowner Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie Uncovers Removal of 'Set Back Cushion' Provision from Environmental Impact Document by Sempra Energy Without Notice or Due Process; Removal was Facilitated Under Questionable Circumstances by a Public Official of the Environmental Agency SEMARNAT, says Sanchez Ritchie

Jun 24, 2010, 12:53 ET from Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie

SAN DIEGO, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- After a victorious court battle against Sempra Energy to regain ownership of his land from Sempra Energy, landowner Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie today uncovered transgressions by the company that have allowed it to operate out of regulatory compliance in accordance with Mexican law. The removal of this provision would allow the company to continue to operate its LNG plant "Energia Costa Azul" without an area set back cushion that is required by environmental and safety standards.

"Under desperate and dubious circumstances Sempra has hired high-priced lobbyist Antonio Lozano Gracia, Former Attorney General, in order to gain access to, Daniel Cabeza de Vaca, Minister of The Supreme Court, whom is intervening with the Federal Magistrates directly in order to seek a favorable outcome in the grievance they filed and gain time in order to avoid a shutdown of the plant," says Sanchez Ritchie.

"However, in the coming days the plant could be shut down permanently because the Federal Judge has signaled that there are significant irregularities and irresponsible actions such as the cancellation of the plant's 'area set-back cushion' and a pipeline filled with high pressure nitrogen and natural gas running three meters from the property limits of my property, and where just 200 meters from the property line are massive LNG storage tanks that are holding up to a billion cubic feet of gas.  On condition number five of the original environmental impact study released in 2003, Energia Costa Azul was required to establish a setback of at least 2,600 linear meters from the edge of the subject property of the LNG project.  What's most disturbing is that even a landfill has a 'set back cushion,'" states Sanchez Ritchie.

"The plant is at risk of not only closing but also of permanently losing all of their entitlements associated to the LNG plant, because of their questionable handling of their environmental compliance issues," states C.E. Cortes, Sanchez Ritchie spokesperson.

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