Shakespeare's Othello Finally Identified

Identity of William Shakespeare's Othello Solved For First Time

Mar 01, 2013, 04:05 ET from David B. Schajer

WASHINGTON, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time in over 400 years, Othello has been identified.

Author David B. Schajer has discovered the real people behind one of Shakespeare's most famous characters. The discovery also sheds light on who Shakespeare really was.

Shakespeare did not invent the names of most of his characters. Names like Macbeth, Lear, and Hamlet were from earlier stories which he adapted.

The name Othello had no earlier precedent in history or literature. Shakespeare invented it.

The first recorded performance was for King James, on 1 November 1604. The king had made Shakespeare the official playwright to the royal court.

Shakespeare invented the name Othello from Emperor Otho, whose full name was Marcus Salvius Otho Caesar Augustus. Emperor Otho had an unfaithful wife, stolen by Emperor Nero. Otho is famous for having ruled for only 3 months, and for committing suicide to prevent a civil war.

Shakespeare's Othello is famous for killing his wife because he thought she was unfaithful. When he learns the truth that she was not unfaithful, he commits suicide.

However, Shakespeare's Othello play had nothing to do with a Roman Emperor. It had everything to do with the new King of England, James.

Shakespeare's Othello is based on Otho to paint a portrait of King James.

Otho and King James had many things in common. Both had disabilities with their legs and feet. Both faced a threat of civil war. Otho was 38 years old when he died. When Shakespeare first performed Othello, King James was 38 years old.

For even more evidence connecting Othello, Otho and King James, please follow the link below.

Finally, Shakespeare's Othello play can be seen for what it really is -- a play written for King James, and about King James.

For the first time in over 400 years we know where the name Othello came from.

More importantly, this discovery gives us one of the greatest insights into Shakespeare's mind. Since he wrote this play to describe who King James was, the play also reveals what kind of man Shakespeare really was!

Mr. Schajer's forthcoming Shakespeare's Premiere of Othello tells the full story behind the play, and the fascinating relationship between a king and his royal playwright. 

SOURCE David B. Schajer