Shopzilla Moves Inventory Management Platform to VoltDB for High-Velocity Data Ingest

Velocity Database Unleashes Big Data Value for Web Retail Business

May 07, 2013, 09:30 ET from VoltDB

BILLERICA, Mass., May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- VoltDB, the world's fastest high-velocity database, today announced that Shopzilla, Inc. has selected VoltDB to simplify and accelerate its retail inventory and transaction data throughput. The use of VoltDB enables Shopzilla to improve data monetization and greatly increase the efficiency of its service.

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"This high-velocity database enables us to better leverage our primary assets, inventory and transaction data," said EVP and Chief Technology Officer at Shopzilla, Inc., Jayesh Bhayani. "The faster and more intelligently we can deliver the right consumers to the right retailers, the better our value-add. VoltDB's high-velocity database significantly bolsters our ability to do that as part of our multi-phase program aimed at providing up-to-the-second information."

Shopzilla leverages massive stores of inventory data to intelligently connect shoppers and retailers on its sites -- Bizrate, Beso, Shopzilla, Retrevo, TaDa, PrixMoinsCher, and SparDeinGeld -- in the U.S. and Europe. They selected VoltDB to replace their existing inventory management platform, choosing it over NoSQL, Oracle and MySQL options. Ultimately, Shopzilla intends to narrow the ingestion-to-decision gap, driving revenues by rapidly delivering highly-targeted leads to thousands of retailers.

With VoltDB running thousands of writes and tens of thousands of reads per second, while providing tracking of the ingestion process, Shopzilla was able to simplify its caching and data pre-loading processes, allowing their architecture to interact directly with the database. With a newfound ability to process high-velocity data, Shopzilla achieved a 10x reduction in latency in the ingestion process to relay accurate price and inventory information from retailers to consumers. They also gained the ability to filter offers coming into their Unassembled Offer Repository, removing duplicates and reducing the transactional load downstream from 2,500 Transactions per Second (TPS) down to 650 TPS. That reduction will allow them to save proportionally on hardware and operational expenses.

VoltDB's in-memory relational database is designed specifically for applications like Shopzilla's which require high-velocity data throughput.

"Shopzilla is realizing significant business value with their big data applications, deriving actionable intelligence from fluid information and immediately delivering that value to their customers," said VoltDB CEO, Bruce Reading. "By accommodating high velocity data ingestion and decisioning in their application process, Shopzilla is advancing the ongoing transformation of the Web retail business and its ability to monetize data."

To learn more, register for a Thursday, May 9th Volt Vanguard webcast, "Shopzilla – How one E-Commerce Innovator Redefined 'Real-time' with VoltDB."

About VoltDB:
VoltDB provides a fully durable, in-memory relational database that combines high-velocity data ingestion and real-time data analytics and decisioning to enable organizations to unleash a new generation of big data applications that deliver unprecedented business value. Organizations in markets ranging from financial services and Web media, to public utilities and national defense, use VoltDB to narrow the "ingestion-to-decision" gap from minutes, or even hours, to milliseconds. Founded by database legend Dr. Michael Stonebraker, VoltDB is privately held with offices in Billerica, Mass. and Santa Clara, Calif.

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