SilverSpore Announces Fully Automated Monitoring of Cloud Servers

Jun 01, 2011, 11:10 ET from SilverSpore LLC

NASHUA, N.H., June 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SilverSpore LLC, an innovator in intelligent IT management solutions, has released version 2 of its Spore Self-configuring monitoring appliance.

Version 2 adds full integration with Cloud Computing environments.  Unlike other solutions, the Spore appliance doesn't require an agent to be preinstalled on server images, doesn't require predefined configurations, and creates detailed service availability configurations on the fly.

"Servers running in the Cloud present special problems for monitoring solutions," said Rick Bross, CTO of SilverSpore.  "Our patent pending solution creates a detailed monitoring template for each new server image it sees, and thereafter can initiate monitoring in seconds as new servers are created.  It integrates and coordinates with the Cloud controller, so when a cloud server is terminated it is gracefully removed from monitoring instead of sending a flurry of false alerts."

To date, most Cloud server monitoring has either been restricted to basic CPU, storage, and bandwidth monitoring or has required painstaking configuration by IT specialists. Continues Bross, "Service availability is just as critical for Cloud servers as it is for any other critical business service.  Users don't care if the CPU usage and storage of a Web server look perfectly fine if that server fails to deliver Web pages, and the same goes for Email servers and other servers that provide critical business functions.  SilverSpore's solution provides instant notification if a critical service is faltering."

SilverSpore Version 2 is available immediately and a Virtual Appliance Demo is available on the SilverSpore Web site.

Version 2 key features

  • Integration with Amazon EC2* compatible cloud infrastructures
  • Compatible with Amazon Web Services and the Eucalyptus and OpenStack open source cloud infrastructures
  • Adds automated network dependency routing
  • Improved performance and scalability

About SilverSpore

SilverSpore LLC specializes in innovative new approaches to IT management, reducing cost and complexity to allow any size organization to compete in today's business environment where the efficient deployment of technology is critical to success.  

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