Singing the Praises of Stem Cell Therapy

Expressing herself in her own way Singer Kristen King opens up to the world about her battle with Multiple Sclerosis

May 13, 2015, 11:12 ET from StemGenex

LA JOLLA, Calif., May 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In early 2013 Kristen's health began a rapid decline. She started experiencing fatigue, extreme muscle weakness, and later paralysis in half her body. In May 2013, she received the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. In a very short time she had gone from an active, thriving performer to a woman trapped by her own body. The declining quality of life described by her physician was horrifying. The thought of being a burden to her family and life-long dependency on daily injections could not be her only option.

Kristen, like so many other people today turned to the internet for information. She was determined to find options and more importantly hope. Kristen discovered postings on stem cell therapy and began extensive research. She read through opinions written by patients, medical and scientific professionals. She knew there "had to be something to this stem cell thing" when she came across StemGenex, a US based company specializing in Stem Cell Therapy.

After careful consideration she chose StemGenex to partner with on her journey toward better health. Kristen had her stem cell treatment through StemGenex in November of 2014. Today, Kristen is still reporting improvements in all of her MS symptoms. She believes she has taken back the life that MS tried to steal and that stem cells are the reason she is symptom free.

Kristen has written and released a new single on her emotional struggle and the toll MS has taken on her life. Her words express her strength and unwillingness to give into her disease, she considers herself "IMPERVIOUS". Her music video titled Impervious can be found HERE. Kristen is no longer at the mercy of Multiple Sclerosis. Armed with her stem cell treatment and her new found health, Kristen is enjoying a restored quality of life.

Those who partner with StemGenex receive a treatment plan custom tailored to their individual symptoms. Each treatment plan consists of multiple administration methods. These direct administrations include cutting-edge ways to deliver the stem cells past the blood brain barrier that are believed to improve common MS neurological symptoms like brain fog, balance, fatigue, numbness or tingling of the extremities and vision problems. Other common symptoms like spasticity and foot drop are addressed with additional localized injections and a specialized bladder treatment is used to improve incontinence.

According to Jeremiah McDole, Ph.D. "There is a growing body of medical literature supporting the efficacy of stem cell therapy in multiple sclerosis. Clinical studies have demonstrated a reduction in relapsing symptoms. However, much more exciting developments have taken place including recent work suggesting that progressive disease may be slowed or even halted by stem cell therapy – an achievement not documented with standard medications. We are excited about this ongoing work as well as our own studies."

StemGenex® is well-known as the leading resource for adult adipose stem cell therapy in the U.S. aimed at improving the lives of patients dealing with degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, COPD, Auto-immune diseases and more.  Many patients, like Kristen, have opted for cutting-edge stem cell therapy in recent years to help improve symptoms.

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