Six Nations of the Grand River Consultation Team Tours Lystek Site - All Parties Proud of Growing Relationship

Oct 02, 2012, 16:33 ET from Lystek International Inc.

CAMBRIDGE, ON, Oct. 2, 2012 /CNW/ - After a joint tour of the Lystek facilities under construction in the Southgate Eco Park, officials from Six Nations of the Grand River Consultation and Accommodation Process (CAP) team and Lystek are proud of the growing and positive relationship between their organizations.

"Touring the actual Lystek site and facility and learning about their process first hand has been very helpful and informative," commented Lonny Bomberry, Director of Lands & Resources. "Clearly, there has been a lot of inaccurate information and rumours circulating about this development", he said. "We now have an even stronger understanding of the positive impact that Lystek technology can have for all communities and the environment."

The tour was a part of the evolving relationship between Six Nations of the Grand River and Lystek. Conversations over the year have included discussions about project development, site design, water management and protection, product storage and the efforts that have gone into ensuring there will be no negative impact on the surrounding environment.

The Lystek process is recognized in the industry as being one of most advanced biosolid management solutions in the world. The safety and environmental integrity of the Lystek technology is paramount for the Six Nations Community. Therefore, as part of their continued research into the project, the Six Nations CAP team has also commissioned the services of external expertise to perform an independent, third-party peer review of the technical and environmental merits of the Lystek process. Lystek welcomes this external review. "As we have said from the outset, Lystek is happy to provide any information required to help the community of Six Nations better understand and feel comfortable with our project" said President of Lystek, Rick Mosher.

"The biosolids conversation can sometimes include misconceptions," observed Southgate Mayor Brian Milne, who was also on the tour. "The tour was an opportunity to clarify that the Lystek closed-loop system is going to have no impact on the local water tables and is the perfect tenant for the Southgate Eco Park. We are very pleased to be working with leadership from Six Nations and Lystek to make this park a part of our common economic and environmental future."

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Lystek International Inc. is an organic materials recovery firm that is helping reduce waste and green house gas emissions through the re-use of organic biosolid materials. Lystek technology transforms biosolids traditionally sent to landfills or incinerated into nutrient rich fertilizer.

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