SMART MOVT Launches Revolutionary Smart Watch Movement at Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show

Mar 18, 2016, 10:14 ET from SMART MOVT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

SHENZHEN, China, March 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The annual Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show kicked off in Switzerland on March 17th. Leading manufacturers, retailers and media organizations from all over the world convene at the premier event for the watch and jewelry industry every year to network and to seek out business opportunities.

SMART MOVT, one of the exhibitors and reputed as the key solution and content provider as a result of the industry reshuffle, brought 13 revolutionary smart movements across three product series to the event. Its advanced, light-weight smart movement technology not only won the applause of industry insiders, but also attracted numerous visitors to stop at the booth and inquire for more information.

World leading technology drives the transformation of the industry

In preparation for this year's Baselworld, SMART MOVT saw its mission as the redefining of the watch, and, in response, launched revolutionary smart movements, each delivering a different product value, including the classic C series which meets the requirements of all traditional movements in terms of specifications, sizes and types; the F series, an outdoor sports series which has many motion sensor integrated applications; and the professional H series that comes equipped with professional vital signs data acquisition and financial clearing authentication tools.

At the same time, SMART MOVT also showcased an industry-level solution that uses a hand-type smart movement as the core component, which will help clock and watch manufacturers and OEMs more quickly design and assemble smart watches.

An item of note is that even under constant use, the battery of the watch with the C007 classic smart movement can function for as long as 720 days and beyond. This long battery life is well ahead of the smart watch industry's de facto standard of one month.

Compared with the traditional quartz watch, the ability of the battery supporting the smart movement to function for more than 2 years is remarkable. What is even more remarkable, the longevity of the battery is not achieved at the cost of movement's thickness. To cite an example, the smart movement's thickness of the debuting C002 in the C series is only 4.2 mm, the world's thinnest, while C003's watch movement is only 25mm in diameter, similar to the size of a Chinese one-yuan coin.

Competitive advantage in differentiation, several advantages in core competitiveness

SMART MOVT's unexpected rise to fame at the Basel event is the result of several competitive differentiators.

On the technology side, SMART MOVT has in place a number of core technology patents after years of research and development and now leads the industry in terms of the system architecture, low power consumption, antenna RF integration processing, the accompanying mobile app as well as background operation in addition to other core technologies.

At the same time, SMART MOVT provides customers with a series of products to choose from, each a turnkey solution backed up by one-stop service. The time from project onboarding to the delivery of the final product has been reduced from 390 days to 65, saving a lot of time for customers. These improvements have all been a result of the rapid scaling up in the size of the production facilities and the standardization of all processes.

In addition, through cooperation with numerous well-known watch manufacturers at different levels along the production chain, SMART MOVT accumulated much in the way of service experience and implemented customized product solutions according to the needs of different types of customers.

As for the team at SMART MOVT, the watch part manufacturer has in place a professional core team consisting of hardware and software developers, each with more than 10 years of watch chip experience. They have become the backbone of the company's survival and development.

First positioning itself at the inflection point for delivering intelligence to the traditional watch then redefining it

Today, the rise of smart watches has rocked the traditional watch industry. The single time function of the watch has been challenged. How to connect a tool with centuries of tradition with the latest in technology and find a way for the smart watch to inherit those traditions while developing in its own right has become a major challenge faced by the whole of the watch industry.

Taking the current situation as a whole, the integration of smart features into the traditional watch is an irresistible trend. As a professional, forward-looking, pioneering and ambitious company, SMART MOVT first positioned itself at the inflection point for delivering those smart features, then as the firm to lead the traditional intelligent wearable watch industry with a "smart movement" in the future. The executive team at SMART MOVT came to the realization that, the watch had already travelled through seven levels of transformation, in other words, seven generations.

The time had come for the watch to exist independently and to be based on the value that the user bestowed on the watch. In other words, the 8th generation watch -- a hand-type smart watch, should have both the elegant appearance of traditional watches and a long battery life, while integrating the 7th generation's core smart technology. Compared with existing smart watches, the appearance would need to be more compact and deliver a higher level of accuracy when monitoring and recording the body's vital signs data and accompanying environmental data. Battery life at a minimum should equal that of the traditional quartz watch.

From a global perspective, China's movement market has long been dominated by Swiss- and Japanese-made movements. SMART MOVT seeks to satisfy the demands of the third kind of user, and, based on these demands, formally launched the product category concept to rival with competitors. By setting and creating a new category - with a set of new standards and technical barriers within the "smart movement" segment of the industry - and combining it with a number of the smart watch industry's applications technologies, including chip, Bluetooth, antenna scheme and shell craft, the company plans to leverage the clustering effect of China's watch industry and, in doing so, transform the entire Chinese watch industry chain.

"We are redefining the watch!" SMART MOVT announced at the event. SMART MOVT's next development strategy is to further combine the traditional movement control system and network intelligence's core function, to provide a new concept in design and introduce a new trend in terms of the development of intelligent wearables.

For the first time at Baselworld, the watch industry has had the opportunity to see what a pioneer in China can achieve. We believe the impressive presentation at the exhibition will raise the visibility of SMART MOVT across the global watch sector. In the future, SMART MOVT expects to soon become a technology source in the intelligent wearables sector as well as a pioneer and leader in "made-in-China" smart movements, standing side by side with Swiss mechanical watch movement and Japanese quartz watch movement manufacturers.