State-of-the-art digital printing will prevent pharmaceutical package theft and counterfeiting - reducing financial losses and saving lives

May 26, 2015, 10:00 ET from Xerox Canada

By: John Quinn, Head of Corporate Communications, Xerox Canada

TORONTO, May 26, 2015 /CNW/ - I wonder if when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press nearly 600 years ago he could ever imagine that the process of printing would continue to yield marvelous breakthroughs – such as 3D printed objects and printable electronics – that represent some of today's most exciting technological advancements.

This came to mind for me today as we announced that OTC Group of London, Ontario has developed a state-of-the-art digital print solution with Xerox to prevent theft and counterfeiting of pharmaceutical packaging. This printing advancement will help the industry curb financial losses that can range between $75 billion to $200 billion globally each year and, more importantly, help reduce the risk to human lives caused by counterfeit medications.

Using the powerful combination of Xerox® iGen® Press print capabilities and the Xerox® Automated Packaging Solution (XAPS), OTC Group has developed a workflow that allows the application of UPI and AIDC tracking information to be applied at the time of printing, eliminating the possibility of packaging theft between the printing and packaging process.

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In 2013, the United States passed the Drug Quality and Security Act to address counterfeiting and theft, but pharmaceutical companies have struggled to comply with the strict new requirements on the tracking and tracing of drug packaging that the Act mandates.

The solution developed by the OTC Group and Xerox goes beyond the legal requirements, and can save clients millions. For example, a client recently required an 800,000 printed carton production run and OTC Group estimates that the solution eliminated millions of dollars of risk exposure by providing traceability at every level, with the ability to account for every package printed – including waste – and providing that data to the client.

Another great advancement from the world of digital printing for the betterment of humankind. Read the full news story here.

SOURCE Xerox Canada