Statement of Dan Delurey, CEO of Association for Demand Response & Smart Grid, on the Clean Power Plan

Aug 05, 2015, 10:27 ET from Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid

WASHINGTON, Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "One of the issues with the draft Clean Power Plan (CPP) was its lack of recognition that there are new options, both on the demand side and within the grid itself, for reducing emissions through reduced energy generation, transmission, and consumption.

"The final CPP, issued earlier this week, corrects that omission. The final plan makes clear that states have flexibility, by submitting a compliance plan under the State Measures option, to include smart grid technologies and practices like demand response. Examples that the final plan acknowledges such as Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) and line loss reduction are each part of the concept and design of grid modernization and each can yield definitive electricity and thus emissions reductions. The final plan also acknowledges that demand response (DR), or demand side management as the plan refers to it, also produces savings and is not simply a shifting of energy production and consumption.

"The EPA and the Administration are to be applauded for making changes to address the concerns of the demand response, distributed energy resources (DER), and smart grid communities.

"The impact of the plan on DR, DER and smart grid, and the opportunities it can create, will be the focus of the 2nd Annual National Summit on Smart Grid and Climate Change in Washington, DC on October 13-14. U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will be the keynote speaker for the event. More information is available at" 

The Association for Demand Response & Smart Grid (ADS) is a nonprofit organization, originally formed as the Demand Response Coordinating Committee (DRCC) in 2004. ADS is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization consisting of professionals and organizations involved in demand response and smart grid. It provides services to meet the needs of its members that help them in the conduct of their work and in the attainment of their personal, corporate and governmental objectives. ADS seeks to establish and grow a demand response "community" of policymakers, utilities, system operators, technology companies, consumers, and other stakeholders.

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About the National Summit on Smart Grid and Climate Change
The 2015 National Summit on Smart Grid and Climate Change will be held October 13-14, in Washington, DC, at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill. More information on the 2015 National Summit can be found at

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