Studies Verify Sleeve Gastrectomy Safety and Low Complication Rates

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Jun 30, 2014, 20:19 ET from Dr. Feiz and Associates

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Patients taking advantage of expertly performed sleeve gastrectomy in Marina Del Rey and other cities with Dr. Michael Feiz have more reason than ever to believe they are taking the best, safest measures on behalf of their health. Studies presented at the ASMBS' 29th Annual Meeting in San Diego have shown that expertly performed gastric sleeve procedures offer comparable safety to gastric bypass and gastric banding. When comparing band vs. sleeve surgery results, one study found sleeve gastrectomy had the lowest complication rates of the most commonly performed procedures. To avoid lap band revision operations, many doctors are now advising some patients to consider the sleeve gastrectomy as the first choice for a weight loss surgery.

Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is one of the few bariatric surgeons in the United States who is qualified to use the STARR Treatment, which enables him to perform sleeve gastrectomy with only a single incision. With the method employed by Dr. Feiz, patients enjoy a faster recovery period marked by significantly less discomfort, and virtually no residual scarring. A typical scar may resemble a freckle or a small beauty mark.

In recent months, the gastrectomy has become an increasingly popular option at Dr. Feiz and Associates. Because this operation involves removing 75-85% of the stomach, the patient experiences a faster-acting and longer-lasting sensation of feeling full. As a result, the patient eats less in each sitting. That may, however, be a mild bonus compared to the fact that the operation removes a section of the stomach connected to the production of ghrelin, a powerful hormone associated with excessive desires for food in obese individuals.

Dr. Feiz and Associates knows how hard it is for overweight individuals to make the decision to have weight loss surgery. He and his associates are there to make sure the process and experience goes as smoothly as possible. The medical team has had enormous success helping patients lose weight as well as receiving rave reviews on their supportive bedside manner. Before going into surgery, Dr. Feiz will make sure his clients are very well educated about all the available surgery options.

As led by one of the world's most celebrated weight loss surgeons, the team at Dr. Feiz and Associates consists of outstanding health professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the finest possible results for all patients. This has helped to ensure that every patient Dr. Feiz treats feels comfortable and free of the anxiety that is common - and understandable - prior to any surgical procedure

A sleeve gastrectomy surgery can make a truly positive change in one's life, but the procedure is not the right fit for everyone. To learn more about bariatric procedures and to, inquire about a free seminar at Dr. Feiz's offices, please call 800-868-5946 or visit the doctor's web site at

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