SureCall Unveils First Device To Monitor & Control Cell Signal Boosters Via Internet

Remote Diagnostics Give Installers A Competitive Edge In Selling And Servicing Booster Systems

May 01, 2014, 12:00 ET from SureCall

FREMONT, Calif., May 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SureCall, a leading maker of cell phone signal boosters, today unveiled the telecom industry's first device to permit remote monitoring and control of in-building cellphone signal boosters via the Internet.  The new SureCall Sentry can provide immediate notification of changes in booster performance, increases in RF interference and other factors that can affect cellular coverage, and it enables remote, real-time adjustment to optimize booster performance.  According to SureCall, Sentry alone offers this remote monitoring capability and will give its dealers a competitive edge in the fast-growing booster business.

"Sentry is a game-changer," said Hongtao Zhan, SureCall's founder and CEO. "Installers can now compete for larger projects because they can offer their clients a level of service and system flexibility previously found only in more sophisticated and expensive telecom systems. Sentry affords integrators the opportunity to offer ongoing maintenance and monthly service contracts that deliver value and peace-of-mind to customers."

According to Zhan, Sentry is a revolutionary advancement in cell signal booster installation, optimization and management.  The device connects to any LAN through an RJ45 port.  It is then connected to the booster's standard data port with the included ribbon cable, which enables installers to remotely configure, and later adjust the booster for maximum performance remotely. Remote access is through a web interface from a Windows-based computer or tablet from any location.

"Sentry is a breakthrough product for installers," said Stuart Manley, president of Mission Viejo, California installer Manley Solutions.  "Being alerted to any potential problems by the system will let me address them proactively – before my client even knows there's any issue.  And being able to address them without having to dispatch a technician will be a huge money-saver."

Through Sentry, installers can maximize 3G and 4G transmission speeds by identifying the strongest cell signals available and adjusting the gain levels appropriately on individual frequency bands. 

Sentry will also send e-mails to alert installers or end-users to unforeseen changes in the system such as the presence of a new cell tower, system interference, oscillation, or any other malfunction or failure. Installers can then act immediately to pinpoint the issues and take the appropriate steps to minimize any downtime by remotely changing any settings or dispatching a technician, if needed.

Sentry, which will support all SureCall boosters, is expected to be available by the end of May, and the company is currently taking orders.  For pricing and more information, contact SureCall at 1-888-365-6283 or visit

About SureCall
SureCall, the innovation leader in cellular booster technology, specializes in the design and manufacturing of cell phone signal boosters and accessories.  These systems dramatically improve cell phone reception for businesses, homes and mobile settings.  The company's line of FCC-approved boosters for personal, commercial, and industrial uses increases the range and reception of almost any cellular call and/or data transmission.  Founded in 2001 and based in the Silicon Valley, SureCall is an industry leader with multiple patents pending on their superior signal booster technology. The company continues to develop innovative new products that address the changing needs of all types of cellular and mobile broadband users.  For more information, visit

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