Tail-f Delivers OpenStack Functionality for Multi-Vendor Networks

Oct 24, 2013, 02:00 ET from Tail-f Systems

STOCKHOLM, Oct. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Tail-f Systems, a leading provider of network service programmability solutions for traditional and Software-Defined Networks (SDN), today announced its NCS plugin for OpenStack that allows organizations to automatically provision a multi-vendor network in response to OpenStack Cloud Network configuration changes. Current OpenStack plugins are constrained to single-vendors and restrain the cloud provider from using multi-vendor environments. Tail-f's NCS plugin allows OpenStack networking to simultaneously utilize the variety of layer 2 networking technologies found in complex real-world data centers.

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"We leverage OpenStack to help control large pools of compute, storage and networking resources in our TeraStream Infrastructure Cloud," said Axel Clauberg, VP Aggregation, Transport, IP (CTO-ATI) & Fixed Access (CTO-FIA), Deutsche Telekom. "Support for multi-vendor networking in these clouds is an important requirement for us. Tail-f now provides the first multi-vendor networking solution for Openstack, which is key for us."

The analyst firm 451 Group forecasts that revenue for the OpenStack service provider market will jump to $1.22 billion in 2016 from $483.5 million in 2013. OpenStack is attracting more support across the technology industry and will tie directly to service provider implementations of NFV.

"Building a universal control plane for multi-vendor infrastructure environments is the original vision behind OpenStack and is what we aim to provide to our customers," said Boris Renski, Co-Founder and CMO at Mirantis. "Support for multi-vendor networking is something we've seen customers ask for and are delighted to see vendors like Tail-f tackle this problem"

NCS OpenStack Plugin:
The NCS OpenStack plugin contains a complete service model of the OpenStack Neutron topology as well as models for the underlying network topologies such as VLAN, GRE, VXLAN. NCS transforms generic request from OpenStack into device-specific configuration changes that are deployed to the network with transactional guarantees. The plugin is built using the new Modular Layer 2 (ml2) plugin architecture of OpenStack.

"Many service provider customers are using OpenStack in SDN/NFV projects," said Hakan Millroth, CTO of Tail-f Systems. "Support for multi-vendor networking is an important requirement in these projects."

The NCS OpenStack plugin is available in the Havanna release of OpenStack.

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