Tech4Kids Inc. and Irwin Rx ltd to Jointly Seek Dismissal and Sanctions Against Redwood Ventures for Questionable IP Claims in an Attempt to Block 3D Maker

Aug 04, 2015, 08:30 ET from Tech 4 Kids Inc.

TORONTO, Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Tech 4 Kids Inc., a leading developer of children's entertainment products and Irwin Rx ltd, announced today that together they will defend and prosecute what they consider the troll-like allegations in what they believe to be a baseless lawsuit filed by Redwood Ventures Ltd.

Tech 4 Kids and Irwin Rx ltd are the creators of the innovative and popular 3D MAGIC 3D Maker line of children's activity toys that have been cited as one of the top "must have" items for the upcoming holiday season.  In recent years the maker movement and 3D printing have become very hot and there is a desire among parents to find low cost, safe and simple ways to introduce kids to this popular activity" says Brad Pedersen President & CEO of Tech 4 Kids.  "Tech 4 Kids is known for innovation, creativity and being respectful of intellectual property rights" says Pedersen. "These types of allegations are a first for us, and we are confident that Redwood's claims are disingenuous and have no basis in law or fact. We believe Redwood's claims are a form of 'scare tactics' to try and interfere with the 3D Magic 3D Maker distribution and marketing."

Tech 4 Kids and Irwin Rx ltd have confirmed the 3D Magic 3D Maker and accompanying accessories will continue to be supplied uninterrupted to market.  Pedersen explains "Our product is shipping; the marketing is now in full roll out, and our customer service is being inundated with customer inquiries.  Many industry experts have already picked the 3D Magic 3D Maker to be one of the most sought after children's activity toys in the coming holiday season and we are ramping our production to meet the anticipated demand."

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