TechInsurance Warning: Avoid E&O Traps That Botched Launch

IT professionals can prevent errors and omissions catastrophes by implementing key project management strategies.

Oct 29, 2013, 09:00 ET from TechInsurance

CHICAGO, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- If IT contractors need a reminder of what can go wrong on a major project,, the federal government's online health insurance exchange, provides one. In addition to miscalculating healthcare subsidies and preventing users from creating accounts,'s error messages have spurred users to apply for coverage via phone.

Though these glitches certainly hurt individuals looking for healthcare, the Affordable Care Act itself may suffer the most damage. The website's woes have cost the law credibility, which could prove calamitous if it prevents people from signing up.

TechInsurance (, the nation's leading online agent for owners of small technology businesses, highlights the flubbed launch as a cautionary tale for IT professionals across fields. "In the private sector, missed deadlines and broken websites cause major financial losses. When clients lose money because of faulty technology, they turn to the people who built that technology to recover their money," said Ted Devine, CEO of TechInsurance ( "For small IT businesses, a failed launch can trigger an expensive Errors and Omissions lawsuit."

Today, TechInsurance used the lessons of to issue new guidelines for IT professionals looking to avoid E&O claims:

  • Educate clients to manage expectations. Legislators aren't necessarily tech savvy, so their deadlines didn't reflect the time needed to actually build and test the site. The long bureaucratic process stymied's potential for success. Technology professionals should engage clients and dictate timelines from the beginning to prevent unnecessary headaches.
  • Break big projects into pieces. Because of deadlines, developers didn't build and test pieces of before its October 1 launch, as is standard in the private sector. IT business owners can avoid failures by building and testing projects incrementally, adjusting timelines as necessary.
  • Bring in experts, if only temporarily. Government projects are notorious for favoring established players, even when they aren't the most qualified. IT business owners can stay agile and effective by hiring subcontractors to assist on projects that they may not have the expertise to do themselves.

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