Telco Cuba, Inc. Launches (MVNO) Mobile Virtual Network Operator Service

Aug 03, 2015, 08:30 ET from TelcoCuba, Inc.

HOLLYWOOD, Florida, August 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- (OTCPK: QBAN) Telco Cuba, Inc. - U.S. based mobile telecom and data connectivity service provider, Telco Cuba announced today that it has immediately begun offering mobile voice and data services to consumers and corporations as a result of a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) agreement with Next Mobility. Telco Cuba now provides high-quality voice and data services to consumers and enterprises utilizing LTE, 4G, and 3G networks. Telco Cuba mobile services will be available in other countries via roaming agreements and services with other mobile service providers.

Telco Cuba and its wholly owned subsidiary Amgentech, Inc. are already well established in the local market for Voice over IP (VOIP) services and communications technology. Amgentech, Inc. has provided services to multiple network operators, constructed its own highly reliable network to enable communications worldwide, and has built highly reliant networks for its client base. Going forward, it will now offer extra-flexible solutions that combine mobile voice and data communication services with existing services for blended communication solutions that include mobile voice and data, mobile VoIP, VoIP, International Dialing, top-off prepaid phone service, international roaming, and much more.

Our communication solutions, which are linked to Telco Cuba's state of the art data center – located at the NAP of the Americas  data center - ( and other infrastructure, provide mobile data users with reliable connections to their corporate and personal networks for corporate/personal needs.  

The MVNO agreement signed with Next Communications is a major first milestone for Telco Cuba.  It affords Telco Cuba the ability to enter the cell phone service provider market with a drastically reduced startup cost, allowing Telco Cuba to use its budget where it matters – customer acquisition and marketing.  Speed to market is the single most important factor in the digital age. Our MVNO partner is a well-established entity in the space and our contracted services will afford Telco Cuba a time to market of just under 60 days.

Amgentech, Inc. also benefits from this agreement since it enables the creation of a second branded product, marketed to a separate demographic – increasing the marketing footprint, reducing our fixed costs of the deal, thereby increasing profits. 

MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a term coined to describe a company that setups a platform for the resell of mobile phone services from one of the big three cell phone providers in the United States of America or elsewhere in the world.  AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint are the biggest of the Mobile Virtual Network Enablers.  The setup of an MVNO is a time consuming endeavor, which is why Telco Cuba's agreement increases our time to market tenfold.

What's Next @ Telco Cuba?

We are taking a trip to Cuba in August to accomplish the following:

1) Continue talks with our Cuban counterparts in preparation of phase 2 & 3 of Telco Cuba's overall business road map. These phases include, but are not limited to roaming services in Cuba, Business VoIP services, and technology services provided by Amgentech, Inc.
2) Finalize cross branding agreements with ancillary businesses in the technology and telecommunications space, furthering our marketing posture in the nation of Cuba.
3) Opening a satellite office in Cuba.

Our trip will be documented via image and videos to be made available via our social media outlets.

Lastly, today is our second conference call. It will be listen-in only, but will include a Q&A session comprising questions submitted by current or potential shareholders. Interested parties may send their questions to until 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time the day of the call. Investors may also submit questions in real time via by directing the posting to the QBAN Board, subject to time restrictions, Telco Cuba will answer some of the questions submitted via IHUB during the call.

The call in number is 641-715-3580. Enter conference code 413-971 when prompted by the system. The system is configured to accept up to 1000 callers. Please call early and reserve your spot on the call.

About TelcoCuba, Inc

Founded in 2001, Amgentech -- the parent company of TelcoCuba -- has been providing telecommunication and Internet based solutions and services for over 14 years. Amgentech has generated over 7 million dollars in revenue. TelcoCuba is launching best of breed communication services including, but not limited to cell phone service, VoIP, Calling Cards in the US and between the US and Cuba. For more information visit (http://www.telcocuba.com

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