The Anchor Wizard - Finally A Simple Boat-Anchoring System That Works!

Nov 23, 2009, 08:37 ET from Anchor Wizard

EVART, Mich., Nov. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Anchor Wizard is an innovative device designed to safely and easily position and retrieve all anchor types. With the Anchor Wizard, anglers no longer have to raise and lower their anchor by hand, saving time on the water and making fishing even more enjoyable.

The clever design of the Anchor Wizard makes it a pleasure to use. Pulling the reel handle back a half-turn releases the anchor at a controlled rate. When moved forward a half-turn, a drag locks the reel to fix the anchor's position. To safely and quickly stow the anchor, simply turn the hand crank forward a few times.

"Like the walleyes in this river, we have to move constantly," says Sherman Oliver, a veteran fisherman and self-proclaimed "River Rat" who spends day after day on the Detroit River. "I used to wear out my partners in the front seat. By day's end their arms ached from having to pull and drop the anchor by hand. Now, thanks to Anchor Wizard, raising and lowering the anchor is quick and easy. I have no trouble getting fishing partners or even handling the job myself."

Made from anodized aluminum, the Anchor Wizard relies on a ball-bearing, slip-clutch drive that is precision-machined for years of use. The wide spool, which holds up to 400 feet of one-quarter-inch diameter rope, is made from forged aluminum. A patent is pending.

Designed for deep or shallow-water fishing from any boat in salt or fresh water, Anchor Wizard comes with different spool sizes to permit retrieval rates as high as three to one (3 feet of return for each crank of the reel). Mounting options include permanent attachment to boat seats or sides. A portable Junior model even clamps to the gunnels of small boats such as canoes, johnboats and cartoppers. For the ultimate in ease of use, an optional electric motor is available.

Prices range from $114.99 for the Anchor Wizard Junior to $329.99 for the complete Anchor Wizard System. A limited lifetime warranty applies.

Contact Anchor Wizard Toll Free at: (888) 808-8999. Phone: (231) 734-5416 or (231) 388-1497. The brochure, along with more details, photos and instructional video, are at

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