The Giant Pixel Corporation Launches Startup Studio to Build World Class Technology Companies From The Ground Up

Founders of Yammer, Eventbrite, Xoom and Geni Join Forces to Engineer Innovation at Scale

Apr 14, 2014, 09:00 ET from The Giant Pixel Corporation

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Uniting new entrepreneurs around a platform of operating experience and shared technological resources, The Giant Pixel Corporation announced the opening of a startup studio designed to launch world-changing companies. Modeled on the collective experience and success of the builders of three billion-dollar companies, Giant Pixel is already at work creating a portfolio of mobile startups, targeting opportunities in large transitional markets.

Already recognized for individual success in startups, cofounders and general partners Alan Braverman, Elliot Loh and John Cwikla have designed Giant Pixel to embody all that they've learned while designing and building some of Silicon Valley's best-known products and companies: 

Alan Braverman - Computer programmer, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur who started three billion-dollar companies. Prior to Giant Pixel, Alan was CTO and co-founder of genealogy social network Geni (acquired by MyHeritage) and its spin-off enterprise social network, Yammer (acquired by Microsoft). Earlier, he co-founded Mollyguard Corporation, a payment-themed studio that spun off both Xoom (IPO, 2013) and Eventbrite. Alan worked as a software engineer at Silicon Graphics, eGroups, and Yahoo, and also as VP of Engineering at Fwix (renamed Radius). Alan earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, where he developed features for Mosaic, the early web browser that kicked off the Internet age.

Elliot Loh - Product designer, startup mentor, and angel investor who is best known for designing the original user experiences for Geni and spin-off Yammer, the latter winning top prize at TechCrunch50 in 2008. Post spin-off, he served as Geni's COO. Elliot was the founding designer at Tribe, one of the earliest social networking sites. He got his start at enterprise software company Trilogy, where he co-founded the HCI group and designed some of the first "build your car" websites for Ford, Volvo and Chrysler. Elliot holds a bachelor's degree in Human Biology from Stanford, and enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs through 500 Startups and Stanford StartX.

John CwiklaThe software architect and leader who has built and run the software and teams for over half a dozen startups in the last 15 years. At the beginning of his career he built the first version of Wolfram Research's Unix frontend for Mathematica. He also developed business intelligence software at Brio, email software at eGroups and Yahoo, and led backend engineering at document analytics company Biz360. He held the CTO and VP of Engineering roles at both Xoom and Doostang, and launched two social games as CTO of GameLayers. Cwikla co-founded Tello and launched the first version at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2010. Before co-founding Giant Pixel, Cwikla was VP of Engineering at Radius Intelligence (formerly Fwix). He also served as technical advisor to Geni and Yammer and is currently advising multiple early stage startups.

"We're really excited to open the doors of The Giant Pixel Corporation," noted co-founder Alan Braverman. "We're doing the same thing we did with our previous startups – connecting people but our model is designed to create multiple startups in parallel. We're taking advantage of accelerating trends in the economics and development of startups."

Distilling lessons from previous successes is the first step for Giant Pixel. "We've taken a hard look at everything from work environments to evaluating markets to scaling a technology toolkit, all towards rapid experiments with product and business ideas," shared co-founder Elliot Loh. "Everything we try goes back into the platform, to be shared with all projects. This leaves more runway for creativity in product innovation, finding market fit, and measuring progress. We think this is the best way for a startup to go through the seed stage."

Co-founder John Cwikla is quick to emphasize the human factor as well. "We're not just building the products. We recruit extremely talented individuals from our deep professional networks, and then we train them to be the next generation of founders. So, our structure is different from most companies: we love our team, but they know that the whole goal is to kick them out into the world, prepared to take their new company on to huge success."

In coming months, Giant Pixel will begin reinventing product categories with initial releases from its portfolio. As new products emerge from the Giant Pixel studio, they will have their own brands and character as their markets require, but each will be quietly nurtured on the Giant Pixel platform until it is ready to take off on its own. Co-founder Alan Braverman brings it back to his personal goal as a builder: "Years from now, I would love to be able to point to many successful companies and founders out there, each tracing their start to Giant Pixel."

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The Giant Pixel Corporation is a startup studio that builds breakthrough technology companies from the ground up. The company achieves this through a disciplined approach to market evaluation, product design, technical implementation, recruitment of talent, and measuring all areas of work. With deep roots in Silicon Valley, the cofounders at Giant Pixel have built and launched notable tech brands including Yammer (acquired by Microsoft in 2012 for $1.2B), Xoom (IPO 2013), Eventbrite, and Geni. Founded in 2012, Giant Pixel is privately held and located in San Francisco, California. To learn more about the company, please visit:

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