The Holidays, Economy, and Dating: What to Do? It's Just Lunch Offers Insight

Dec 09, 2008, 14:26 ET from It's Just Lunch

PALM DESERT, Calif., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The holiday season is traditionally recognized as a time of joyful celebrations. It is also known as a time of stress and anxiety. Add to that dating and this time of year can pose some classic quandaries when it comes to family events, gift giving and holiday parties. The experts at It's Just Lunch (, the world's leading matchmaking authority, asked the questions on everyone's mind to gauge what to expect this season when it comes to dating.

It's Just Lunch recently took a poll of over 7,500 singles on the topic of dating and the holidays. Both men and women chimed in faster than ever before; eager to get their point across as to how dating will affect their activities and mindset this season. Especially with the tough economy, dating is experiencing a renewed and shifting focus in some areas. In brief, expensive gifts are out, meeting friends and family is still a demarcation of commitment and going it alone to holiday parties is fine with most.

During the holidays, there is a renewed focus on dating and the status of where one's love life is currently measuring up. For those happily dating, it can be an exciting time to introduce the new boy or girlfriend to friends, family and co-workers. For those not dating, holiday activities can serve as a constant reminder of what is missing in their life.

"When it comes to dating, there is no other time like the holidays to add stress and anxiety to the situation. On the other hand, it is also an exciting time of year, and one that provides a lot of good opportunities for dating," said Irene LaCota, president of It's Just Lunch, International, LLC. "With the increased stress of the current economy, many singles are turning to dating with a more dedicated focus to find someone to share in all that life has to offer, the good times and the more challenging ones."

    The following are results from the It's Just Lunch poll.

    1.  When times are tough, do you find yourself wanting to be in a
    relationship more than when times are good?

    Yes, absolutely                 23%   Yes, it matters somewhat      32%
    No, it really doesn't matter    45%

    2.  How important is it to you to be dating someone during the holidays?

    Not important                                    32%
    Very important                                   11%
    Somewhat important                               37%
    Somewhat unimportant                             20%

    3.  At what stage in dating do you think it is appropriate to give a gift?

    After one date                                    5%
    After a few dates                                33%
    After a month or two of dating                   42%
    Only when dating exclusively                     20%

    4.  How much do you plan to spend on the person you are dating this
    holiday season?

    $25-$100                                         43%
    $100-$250                                        33%
    Over $250                                        13%
    Under $25                                        10%

    5.  If you were invited to an office holiday party, would not having a
    date deter you from going?

    No, not at all                                   75%
    It would deter me somewhat                       20%
    Yes, I would not go to the party without a date   5%

    6.  If you were invited to a social holiday party, would not having a date
    deter you from going?

    No, not at all                                   69%
    It would deter me somewhat                       26%
    Yes, I would not go to the party without a date   5%

    7. After how many dates do you think it would be appropriate to take your
    date home for the holidays?

    Only when in a committed relationship            51%
    After a successful date                           3%
    After a few good dates                           13%
    After a month or two of dating                   33%

    8. When introducing your date for the first time, who are you most nervous
    for them to meet and make a good impression on?

    Your mother                                      30%
    Your father                                      16%
    Your siblings                                    18%
    Your friends                                     36%

    9. If you are being introduced, who are you most apprehensive about

    Their father                                     20%
    Their siblings                                   11%
    Their friends                                    27%
    Their mother                                     42%

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