The Logistic Network to Provide Collaboration between Multiple Parties in the Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain Regardless of Individual Corporate Data Standards

Aug 11, 2015, 09:30 ET from Qv21 Technologies, Inc.

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Qv21 today announced the addition of "The Logistics Network (TLN)" to complement the industry leading "The Logistics Framework (TLF)" Android/cloud based suite of dispatching and electronic ticketing products. With the introduction of the TLN, Qv21 is well on its way to becoming the data network of choice for collaboration between multiple parties in the oil and gas supply chain. Qv21 has been systematically addressing its customer information needs regardless of the data standards they use. Maurice Pinto, VP Product Strategy said, "Qv21's TLN has a broad breadth of functionality that addresses our customer's needs of information on any system, using any standard, and using any method, throughout their complete supply chain. Our systems are truly open, not because we adhere to a so-called open standard, but because we adhere to ANY standard, as per our customer's needs."

The TLN consists of four key products that will receive and send data seamlessly through a myriad of different systems used today in the industry.

The Ticket Manager is a web based product through which shippers can view, search, filter, sort, print and download all their run tickets in real time; additionally, it lets counterparties and carriers within their own supply chain, collaborate from a common source of run ticket data for easy/rapid validation and settlements.

The Ticket Data Integrator sends electronic run tickets in real time to any system and integrates those tickets automatically into the selected customer's system, i.e., ERP, accounting, inventory, etc.

The Order Data Integrator receives transportation orders from any system and integrates those orders automatically into the Qv21 Dispatch system which is already used by a large number of carriers in the industry.

The Order Manager is a web based product through which shippers can submit orders directly to the Qv21 Dispatch system.

The AR Manager allows carriers to have correctly billed tickets and invoices in real time or as per their invoicing schedule.

TLN is the result of a broader Qv21 strategic product roadmap vision which intends to flow actionable information easily and seamlessly across the O&G supply chain functional spectrum (i.e., from contracts to pricing to order management to shipping & delivery, to AR to AP), and that will also aggregate data at every step of the way with data from multiple systems, in multiple formats and using multiple methods, irrespective of whether these systems are Qv21-based or not.

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