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RSW/US Infographic Shows Agencies how to "Future-Proof" Themselves

Aug 14, 2015, 11:17 ET from RSW/US

CINCINNATI, Aug. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- RSW/US, the nation's #1 outsourced business development and lead generation group, has just released an infographic depicting eight animal traits marketing agencies need to nurture to "future-proof" themselves for the evolving industry.

The data behind the infographics comes from surveys RSW/US conducts with Agency and Marketing Executives annually.  Mark Sneider, Owner and President of RSW/US, reflected, "Each year since 2005, we have conducted industry surveys that glean insight from key executives on both 'sides' about trends that impact the way brands go to market and the way agencies and marketers work together."

The data point out both emerging Marketer needs and factors Agencies need to recognize as they compete for new business.  Sneider highlights these facts: "62% of Marketers report they are consolidating agency resources and expect this trend to continue.  On the Agency side, 88% say they plan to become more aggressive in their new business development efforts.  These dynamics combine for higher competition for fewer new opportunities."

Higher competition, plus the rapid evolution of marketing technology and ever increasing pressure on Marketing executives to improve ROI are creating entirely new dynamics in Agency-Marketer relationships according to Sneider.

"For example," he says, "the day of the full service agency that is just a do-er and not a proactive partner is long gone.  Marketers expect and need agency partners who are forward-looking, strategic and truly proactive.  Our infographic illustrates these needs through traits associated with certain animals.  It's data-driven information, presented in a comparatively entertaining way."

In all, the Agency of the Future infographic presents survey data by way of eight traits associated with an animal known for such characteristics.  RSW/US has supplemented the infographic with a video series that provides further data about the traits agencies need for success in a rapidly changing industry.

The infographic is available for free download at:  How to Future-Proof Your Agency Infographic .  Accompanying videos are being posted weekly to the RSW/US blog.

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RSW/US is a full service, outsourced agency lead generation and new business development firm that helps marketing service companies (exclusively) find and win new business.  They help Agencies find qualified leads, set meetings, better position them in the market, and help move them closer to close.  More information about RSW/US can be accessed at: or by contacting Mark Sneider at

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