The Salvation Army in Canada Remains Committed to Howard Hospital, Zimbabwe

Aug 23, 2012, 09:45 ET from THE SALVATION ARMY

Hospital Operational, Service Continues

TORONTO, Aug. 23, 2012 /CNW/ - The Salvation Army in Canada has been informed by its International Headquarters located in London, England, that Howard Hospital remains operational following  the recent reassignment of the Chief Medical Officer, Captain Dr. Paul Thistle. Patients are being treated by the two doctors and other medical staff at the hospital.

A new Acting Hospital Administrator has been assigned and is in place to guide the facility through this transition. According to the statement issued by the Army's International Headquarters, service will continue and be enhanced by significant, planned future investment in the hospital.

Since this situation began, The Salvation Army in Canada has been in regular contact with its International Headquarters. A team under the direction of International Headquarters will be heading as soon as possible to Howard Hospital to review and analyze this situation further. The goal of this group is to better understand the situation on the ground in Zimbabwe, and to reaffirm our continued support for the hospital and local community.

"As an organization, we remain committed to Howard Hospital and to the people of Zimbabwe today and in the future," said Commissioner Brian Peddle, Territorial Commander for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. "We consider the health of its patients and the well-being of the staff at Howard Hospital to be of paramount importance."

As the home territory for Captain Dr. Paul Thistle and Captain Pedrinah Thistle, The Salvation Army in Canada is working to ensure the safe return of the Thistle family.  The Salvation Army will work to ensure that this transition period runs smoothly and will do what is needed to help them reacclimatize to life in Canada. Once they are home and settled, consultation will take place with them regarding their future appointments.

"Our first priority is to welcome the Thistles back to Canada," said Commissioner Peddle. "I have been in communication with Paul and anticipate further dialogue upon his return home."

Canadians have always generously supported the work of Howard Hospital. A statement from our International Headquarters confirms that "systems of internal and external audit are in place and that we will investigate the processing of donations to Howard Hospital as a further act of accountability to our donors."

The Salvation Army in Canada will soon be sending a shipment of medical supplies valued at more than $300,000 to Howard Hospital shortly.

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