The Venus Approach to Real-Estate Investing

Mar 10, 2009, 10:10 ET from The Sternthaler Group, LLC

America's Most Successful Women Real-Estate Investors Reveal It All: Trade Secrets, Stiletto Methods and Motherly Love

ATLANTA, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Can women turn around this real-estate market and help themselves gain more personal and financial independence in the process? Authors and real-estate investors S.A. Philipp and Barbara Heil-Sonneck are convinced they do. "There has never been a better time to buy real estate and invest in your independence," says S.A. Philipp. "Many women hold the key to success in this field already in their hands and it's time for them to quit sitting on the fence and instead educate themselves on how to invest in real estate." Or as Barbara Heil-Sonneck puts it: "Girls, let's turn this market - and our lives - around!"

  • The average American's outlook for the future is rather bleak. Especially women face far greater financial risks than men, being less likely to be vested in pension or other retirement savings plans.
  • Too many women find themselves confronted with terrifying challenges once they reach their mid-fifties, the average age of widowhood in the United States. Four out of five widows who are living below the poverty line were not considered poor prior to their husband's death.
  • Just owning one or two little rental houses can already make a BIG difference.
  • But many women, though interested, are afraid to explore this path.
  • To help women decide if real-estate investing is indeed for them, to point them to the right coaches and to get them motivated, the authors provide an intimate look into the exciting world of America's most successful women real-estate investor icons.

The authors offer an in-depth examination into the gender-specific ways women investors use their inherent skills to identify business opportunities, interact with their counterparts, negotiate profitable deals, set up systems to streamline their course of action, all the while they satisfy their natural desire to nurture their environment and fulfill their need for personal harmony and happiness.

But there is more. The heart and soul of this book revolves around the truly inspirational life stories of America's most successful women real-estate investors: Donna Bauer, Kathy Kennebrook, Liah Kraft-Kristaine J.D., Joanne Musa, Wendy Patton, Sharon Restrepo, Dwan Bent-Twyford, Lauri Waddell and Mary Wozny. They share their knowledge with others who also would like to get into this field. All of them are well known and respected in the industry. Find out how real-estate investing enabled them to find fame, fortune and even occasional romance.

Among the highlights:

  • What Drives the Successful Female Real-Estate Investor?
  • Where Low Testosterone Equals a Vastly Different Investment Approach.
  • Why Some Have to get Fired to Become a Wealthy Real-Estate Investor.
  • Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Successful Real-Estate Investor?
  • How to Benefit from The Million-Dollar "Not-To-Do" List.

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About The Authors

After almost two decades in international marketing and journalism S.A. Philipp changed her focus to developing a passive-income real-estate investing business. She's worked it from the ground up, getting her hands dirty doing her own rehab work, all the way to the truly passive investment as in warehouse conversion and mixed-use development with trusted partners.

Barbara Heil-Sonneck's expertise in international operations, sales and marketing management spanned over 25 years when she started real-estate investment as her second career. Currently her focus is on managing her real-estate investments, while coaching other women in the real-estate investment profession and fulfilling her passion for interior design.

About the Publisher

"The Venus Approach to Real-Estate Investing. America's Most Successful Women Real-Estate Investors reveal it all: Trade Secrets, Stiletto Methods and Motherly Love," is published by Atlanta, GA based The Sternthaler Group, LLC.

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