Releases First Annual Children's Clothing Resale Report

Analysis Of Full Year Of Resale Data Shows Which Brands Are Most Popular, Best Hold Value and Are Strongest Family Investments. Report Highlights Top 10 $avviest Cities in America.

Feb 28, 2013, 05:00 ET from

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --, the largest children's clothing resale website, today announced the results of a yearlong analysis of customer trends that examines the best values in children's clothing. The report, designed to be the Kelley Blue Book Resale Report of children's clothes, shows which brands and types of clothing best hold their value when reselling on thredUP's marketplace – just in time for spring-cleaning.

Clothing resale is on the rise, making up a $13 billion industry. And, according to The Association of Resale Professionals, approximately 18% of Americans will shop at a thrift store in a given year to recoup costs and save on new fashions. However, consumers turning to resale are often left in the dark when it comes to what brands to sell and how to maximize clothing investments. Where can consumers go to educate themselves about clothing resale value? 

The first ever Children's Clothing Resale Report from thredUP is a resource for consumers that demystifies clothing resale pricing, highlights brands that best retain their resale value, and helps consumers shop to resell smarter and extract the most value from every purchase.

"Consumers no longer look at clothing as disposable. With the increasing popularity of the second-hand market, shoppers are empowered to think about clothing as an investment," said James Reinhart, CEO and co-founder of thredUP. "With the re-commerce industry becoming more mainstream, we wanted to help parents get smart about what exactly to buy and what to resell."

Highlights from the report, published today on, include:

thredUP's 2012 Momentum: In 2012, 358K items were resold on thredUP, and clothing sellers earned $800K. Parents saved $4M by buying used instead of new, and 341K pounds of clothing were recycled.

Cash in Kids' Closets: Consumer shopping trends show that the average family has $1,318 worth of kids' clothing that can be resold, based on thredUP survey data.

All-Around Top Brands to Resell: Those interested in buying their kids' clothes with an eye towards resale will find that Gymboree is ranked as the #1 brand that best retains resale value over time, followed by Baby GAP, Justice, Levi's, GAP Kids, OshKosh, Lands' End, Adidas, Limited Too and Rare Editions.

$avviest Cities: These cities are ahead of the online resale trend, buying and selling used clothing more than other parts of the country: #1 San Francisco, #2 Atlanta, #3 Washington DC, #4 Salt Lake City, #5 Minneapolis, #6 Boston, #7 Seattle, #8 Grand Rapids, #9 Knoxville, #10 Rochester.

About thredUP is the nation's leading online clothing resale platform, founded by James Reinhart, Oliver Lubin and Chris Homer. The company is based in San Francisco, CA and is advised by current Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and former eBay COO, Brian Swette.