Trez Capital Announces Proposed Dividend Re-investment Plans for its Mortgage Investment Corporations and an Investment Advisor Conference Call

Mar 06, 2013, 18:46 ET from Trez Capital

Building on a Successful Track Record of Serving Institutional & High Net Worth Investor Markets

VANCOUVER, March 6, 2013 /CNW/ - Trez Capital Fund Management Limited Partnership ("Trez") has raised more than $500 million in 2012 and launched two publicly traded mortgage investment corporations. Trez offers a range of mortgage investment vehicles to both institutional and individual investors, and is committed to continuing to increase value for its shareholders.

Accordingly, Trez is pleased to announce that each of Trez Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (TZZ) and Trez Capital Senior Mortgage Investment Corporation (TZS) (the "Trez Capital MICs") has received board approval for the implementation of a Dividend Re-investment Plan ("DRIP") that will allow its shareholders to receive additional Class A shares rather than cash dividends. This will provide investors with a convenient way to increase their holdings without incurring transaction costs. It is anticipated that Class A shares provided to investors under the DRIP may be issued from treasury or obtained through open market purchases. Further information regarding the DRIPs will be provided when the DRIPs become operational.

"After 16 years serving institutional and high net worth investors, we have taken our track record and proven investment approach and successfully launched two new mortgage investment corporations to the broad investor market," said Michael Nisker, President and CEO of both Trez Capital MICs and Managing Partner of Trez. "By introducing new features, such as the DRIP, we will make it easy for investors to efficiently acquire shares and enhance their investment planning. We will continue to look for opportunities to support our shareholders and maintain Trez as an attractive investment option."

Trez also announces that it will hold a conference call with investment advisors to provide an update on both Trez Capital MICs. The call will take place at 11:00 a.m. (EST) on Thursday March 7, 2013. A call-in number will be posted on for those unable to participate in the live call.

2012 Trez Milestones

  • Completed $115 million IPO of Trez Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation in June 2012
  • Raised an additional $115 million through a second offering by Trez Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation in September 2012
  • Completed $89 million IPO of Trez Capital Senior Mortgage Investment Corporation in December 2012
  • Raised $107 million in Bison C II (open-ended fund)
  • Closed its third institutional offering raising $90 million
  • Funded over $604 million in new mortgages across all of its investment funds (including the Trez Capital MICs)
  • Increased its assets under management to more than $1.46 billion

About the Trez Capital MICs

The objective of each Trez Capital MIC is to acquire and maintain a diversified portfolio of mortgages in Canada that preserves capital and generates attractive returns in order to pay monthly distributions to its shareholders. Each Trez Capital MIC accomplishes its investment objectives through prudent investments in mortgages to qualified real estate investors and developers, focusing primarily on short-term bridge financing needs not serviced by traditional real estate lenders.

As at March 6, 2013, Trez Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (TZZ) and Trez Capital Senior Mortgage Investment Corporation (TZS) had approximately 95% and 56%, respectively, of their net assets invested in mortgages and, based on existing mortgage commitments, net of repayments, these amounts are expected to increase to approximately 95% and 115%, respectively, by March 31, 2013.  For each Trez Capital MIC, the yield from its mortgage investments and commitments is on track for funding its targeted annual distributions.

SOURCE Trez Capital