Unitholders of ROI Canadian High Income Mortgage Fund, ROI Canadian Mortgage Income Fund and ROI Canadian Real Estate Fund Approve Reorganization

Jun 16, 2014, 09:59 ET from ROI Capital

TORONTO, June 16, 2014 /CNW/ - Return On Innovation Advisors Ltd. ("ROI Capital") is pleased to announce the results of the meetings of unitholders of each of ROI Canadian High Income Mortgage Fund ("RIH.UN"), ROI Canadian Mortgage Income Fund ("RIL.UN") and ROI Canadian Real Estate Fund ("RIR.UN" and together with RIH.UN and RIL.UN, the "Listed Funds").

At the meetings held today, unitholders of each of the Listed Funds considered and approved resolutions authorizing the proposed reorganization of the Listed Funds (the "Reorganization"). The Reorganization includes the change in manager from ROI Capital to Dream Asset Management Corporation ("DREAM") along with the indirect transfer of approximately $730 million in assets collectively from the Listed Funds, the underlying reference funds and ROI Institutional Private Placement Fund ("ROI IPP", and together with the Listed Funds, the "ROI Funds") to Dream Hard Asset Alternatives Trust ("Dream Alternatives Trust").  The voting results are as follows:


Percentage of Votes Cast

In Favour










"We are very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive results of today's unitholder meetings. We believe the reorganization with DREAM is genuinely in the best interest of our unitholders." says ROI Capital President Wilfred Vos. "The new Dream Alternatives Trust provides our investors with tax efficient income from a growth oriented portfolio of hard assets including private commercial mortgages and real-estate, managed by an industry leader, DREAM."

In connection with the Reorganization, the distribution reinvestment plans (each a "DRIP") of each of the Listed Funds has been suspended effective immediately and it is anticipated that each DRIP will be terminated on closing of the Reorganization.  Further, the monthly redemptions of each of the ROI Funds has been suspended effective immediately to facilitate the orderly closing of the Reorganization. 

Unitholders of the ROI Funds as at the closing of the Reorganization will, in connection with the closing of the Reorganization, receive a one-time special distribution of cash representing approximately 10% of the net asset value of each applicable ROI Fund and a distribution of units of Dream Alternatives Trust, on a pro rata basis, based on the relative net asset values of the ROI Funds. The Reorganization is expected to close on or about July 8, 2014.  Details regarding the number of Dream Alternatives Trust units each unitholder of the ROI Funds will receive as well as information regarding distributions and timing of closing of the Reorganization will be made public in due course.

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