UOLDIVEO Expands Its Services With Tellabs' Solution

Tellabs® Optical Solution selected for a joint network in Brazil

Sep 13, 2011, 09:00 ET from Tellabs

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Stock exchange floors often look like utter chaos. Traders rush to input commands, since a fortune can be made or lost in the blink of an eye. For this type of time-sensitive environment, delayed transactions are unacceptable, and lightning-fast networks are imperative. That's why UOLDIVEO will expand its services with Tellabs.

Better together

Diveo, a service provider in Latin America, and Universo Online (UOL), a Brazilian Internet service provider known for its web portal, partnered with Tellabs to unite their separate networks into one architecture. The new company, UOLDIVEO, selected the Tellabs® 7100 Nano Optical Transport System (OTS), part of the Tellabs® Optical Solution, to merge all existing services on a single transport system. This move will help UOLDIVEO better manage current services and prepare the network for future growth.

Due to fast-growing customer demand, the joint network requires a solution that can deliver reliable services with low latency. Based on DWDM ROADM technology, the new network will enable the company to offer much more bandwidth to customers and assure less than one minute of downtime per year. The company will be able to deploy new services faster to better serve its customers, as well as allocate bandwidth on demand as needed during high-traffic times.

Great things in one small package

As powerful as the Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS system is, its compact size offers a unique advantage for small-space installations, especially for businesses.  The Tellabs solution also provides sophisticated reroute capabilities to ensure service availability. Tellabs' control plane technology and its optical directionless capabilities add the intelligence needed to enable fast protection and restoration of traffic.

"This unique network architecture will enable us to transport more bandwidth-intensive services where and when they are needed," Armando Amaral, Engineering and Infrastructure Director, UOLDIVEO.  "The small footprint of the Tellabs 7100 Nano System addresses the limited space requirements while still providing flexible growth and low latency our customers demand."

Power through joint forces

In addition to the Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS, UOLDIVEO selected the Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager (INM) to support its new network in the future. It enables a unique level of network control through increased visibility and customizable features. The Tellabs 8000 INM calculates traffic trends and provides automation to help service providers anticipate and optimize their networks based on dynamically changing traffic patterns.

"Merging two separate networks presents unique opportunities and challenges, so it is important for our customers to select technology that will scale as network needs grow," said Alberto Barriento, vice president of LAC sales at Tellabs. "With the Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS, UOLDIVEO will deliver services cost-effectively in a way that makes the most sense for its users and network."

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