Up and Away; World's Largest Cloud Computing Community to Host Annual UP 2011 Conference

2nd Annual UP 2011 Cloud Computing Conference scheduled for December 5 - 9, 2011; Opens Call for Proposals and Initiates Nominations for the UP 2011 Cloud Computing Awards

Jul 12, 2011, 09:00 ET from Cloudcor Inc.

TORONTO, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloudcor's 5th international cloud computing conference will be held at The Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California in December 2011. It will consist of both virtual and a live in-person event, which also features the UP-START Cloud Computing Awards finals.

The UP 2011 conference will delve into the core and future areas of cloud computing including:

  • Technology and Innovation        
  • Managing Data in Cloud
  • Cloud for Consumers
  • Aligning Cloud with Business in Enterprise / Government Sector
  • Overcoming Security Concerns in the Cloud
  • Cloud Trends and Challenges in 2012

Cloudcor's recent events have attracted over 70,000+ real-time attendees, with more than 3 million on-demand conference playback views to date. UP 2011 is anticipating thousands of senior level executives to attend from both private and public entities globally providing, consuming and considering cloud computing services.

"We are excited to continue our successful chain of mainstream cloud computing events that have helped to advance the cloud computing paradigm even further," said Khazret Sapenov, Cloudcor® CTO. "Cloudcor is very optimistic about cloud computing and of the promise it can deliver. We expect the industry to grow considerably in the coming years, creating vast opportunities for existing and emerging businesses globally."

Organizations and individuals are invited to participate:

- Present a session, http://www.up-con.com/propose

- Sponsor, http://www.up-con.com/sponsor

- Attend in-person or virtually $99 - $499, http://www.up-con.com/register-now

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Cloudcor ® provides industry leaders and professionals cutting edge insights into Cloud Computing through expert conferences, research, analysis and commentary, as well as providing a platform to network with leading experts in the cloud computing industry. UP 2011, produced by Cloudcor, Inc.®, is the world's first and largest hybrid format Cloud Computing conference and is now in its second year. For more information visit http://up-con.com  or contact Khazret Sapenov at k.sapenov@cloudcor.com or 289-430-5612.

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