Uproot Poverty One by One

A newly established 501[c][3] Charitable Organization is Tax Exempt and 100% Tax Deductible.

Aug 12, 2015, 08:00 ET from Uproot Poverty One.By.One

STERLING, Va., Aug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Uproot Poverty One.By.One is a newly recognized 501[c][3] charitable, secular, and non-political organization devoted solely to uprooting poverty worldwide by helping individuals and their families living in poverty to transform their lives.  

Our mission is assisting individuals and families worldwide to overcome detrimental financial, educational, and medical obstacles to transform their lives. We shall accomplish this in partnership with leading international donors, medical service organizations, community schools, and selected strategic partners working to improve the quality of life by one person, by one family, and by one community at a time.

Our vision is to eradicate poverty worldwide, which is not possible overnight, but Uproot Poverty is determined to help everyone in need, but one by one. While extreme poverty is all too common globally, it is our goal to initially focus our work, financial resources, and partnerships on two primary areas of need for our work—medical services and educational assistance.  In simple terms, aim is to provide Hope, Chance and Strength to one individual, one family and one community at a time. 

Mission is to support globally for the following reasons:

  1. Promote education
  2. Assist with medical needs
  3. Provide scholarships of $500 on merit basis
  4. Women in development:
  • Employment Opportunity
  • Education & Training
  • Credit

Uproot has treated: 

  • 18  Beneficiaries 
  • 6  Possible lives were saved   
  • 51  Volunteers   
  • 3  International partners 
  • 9  Pro-bono staff members     
  • 2  Students received yearly tuition 

Uproot has reached out to 15 random High Schools Principals, from 15 countries, requesting to nominate two deserving students on merit basis, to receive the first scholarship of $500 in January 2016. Each student, must have an excellent academic background, and must submit one page of essay, "To why they should be selected," along with one minute video to be considered, which will be uploaded on our website, if selected. All nominees will be verified through our volunteers. Deadline is to submit by November 30, 2015, and purpose is to provide incentive to deserving individuals globally and let them know that the world cares about them. 

Going forward, Uproot Poverty will compete for open international awards through www.grants.gov and Foundations. Uproot has also established a Fundraising site at www.gofundme.com/yq2y34. Uproot needs public recognition to raise funds to support the world, but one by one. Therefore, please donate just $1, for this great cause.  Uproot is a public organization, and requires a never ending support from all.  Poverty is a global phenomena, and requires global attention. Uproot Poverty will serve globally and needs your unconditional support, as every donation is 100% tax deductible.

Founder has a MBA from Long Island University, with extensive experience as a CFO with many multi-International non-profit organizations, and has served as an Acting Executive Director for USAID contractor in Washington DC, and Acting Chief of Party for a project in Kabul, Afghanistan funded by the USDA. Furthermore, UBER played a vital role to promote Uproot, as many riders provided many hours of pro-bono service. 


Shakil M. Tabassum, Founder

SOURCE Uproot Poverty One.By.One