US Freedom Bio Fuels Adds Air-Tec Hydrogen Fuel Saving Systems

Feb 25, 2013, 07:30 ET from US Freedom Bio Fuels LLC

MOSINEE, Wis., Feb. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- US Freedom Bio Fuels LLC, an industry leader of biodiesel processing systems since 2008, announced today that they have expanded their product line to include hydrogen boost systems and waste oil furnaces. 

"We are really excited about being able to offer a complete bio fuel package, Bio Fuels utilize waste and free energy to significantly reduce operating costs," commented Frederic Kirsch, Co-Owner of US Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC. He continues, "Biodiesel cuts your cost at the pump; the hydrogen boost system ensures you get the most out of your fuel, and lastly a waste oil furnace can provide essentially free heat."

The company's main biodiesel processor, the BD65, produces ASTM spec biodiesel at a rate of nearly 500 gallons per 8hours for a cost as low as $0.50 per gallon.  Currently the BD65 is sold worldwide and can utilize feed stocks including animal fats, waste vegetable oil, and oils from oil seed crops such as canola or sunflowers.  The manufacturer boasts: "If it has oil in it, we can make fuel out of it".

Hydrogen Boost Technology allows consumers to "produce burnable energy out of thin air" as the unit breaks apart water molecules in the air to produce hydrogen and oxygen.  The benefits include up to a 20% increase in MPG's, Torque, Horsepower, and up to an 80% reduction in emissions. U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels has also teamed up with Clean Energy Heating Systems and offers waste oil furnaces capable of producing from 140,000 BTU's for small service shops to 325,000 BTU's to handle the largest Fleet Service Facilities. By using Waste Petroleum products that have already served a prior purpose in fleet operation, the heat is essentially free.

U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels  systems are designed for clients that are ready start saving and reducing costs with Hydrogen Technology or Clean Energy Heating Systems; or those that want to eliminate petroleum diesel from their operations and take control of their own fuel market with biodiesel. They offer multiple system configurations with industry-leading service based on a true commitment to helping businesses reduce their operational costs.

About U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC:
US Freedom Bio Fuels was formed May 2008 by John Harrod when he perfected a dry washing bio fuel processing method and started producing up to 500 gallons of commercial grade quality fuel from a single machine per day. The breakthrough in technology and substantial savings means operators can operate at much lower cost than the market with a consistently higher quality of fuel. Visit for more information.

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