USA POU and Bottled Coolers 2013 Report

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USA POU and Bottled Coolers 2013 Report

• Ideal to gain essential information on the POU and bottled cooler market in the USA.
• Presentation style format helps quick overview of the market trends.
• Includes a range of key data and a brief commentary covering market volume and value trends as well as leading players' performances.
• Key company profiles to help you understand product range and packaging by company.
• With over 20 years' experience in research and consultancy to the soft drinks industry Zenith offers unrivalled market knowledge.

Background and report description

The market for POU and bottled coolers has seen continued growth over the last 3 years, reaching nearly 5.5 million units installed. While POU has increasingly stolen share from bottled coolers, its share remains very small in comparison. Growing concern over the purported environmental cost of bottled coolers and low penetration offer a tremendous opportunity for new entrants and smaller players. However, reaching a substantial share of the market will not be straightforward.

What this report covers

• POU and Bottled Cooler market installed units/volume: 5 years historic data along with brief commentary covering total market units/volume, consumption trends and growth drivers, throughput, cancellations, contract length, machine and water types.
• POU and Bottled Cooler market value: 2013 data and brief commentary covering market revenue, average rental and unit sale prices.
• Market forecasts: total market volume projections to 2018 including data and brief commentary.
• Leading manufacturers: leading manufacturers' installed units and volume between 2008 and 2013.
• Leading 35 cooler company profiles: include details on machine types, outlets and related activities.

Market data provided in this report:

Market landscape
• Units in December - units/ million litres, % growth 2008-13e

Bottled Cooler market
• Bottled water cooler units, 2008-13e
• Bottled water cooler volume, million litres, 2008-13e
• Bottled water cooler throughput, 2012-13e
• Bottled water cooler canellations, 2012-13e
• Bottled water cooler outlets, 2013e
• Bottled water cooler machine types, 2013e
• Bottled water cooler water types, 2013e

Point of Use market
• Point of use units, 2008-13e
• Point of use units added, 2012-13e
• Point of use outlets, 2013e
• Point of use machine types, 2013e
• Point of use rented/sold, 2013e

Price structure
• Bottled water coolers price structure, 2012-13e
• Point of use price structure, 2012-13e

Competitive environment
• Bottled water coolers companies, machines, 2008-13e
• Bottled water coolers companies, volume, 2008-13e
• Bottled water coolers brands, volume, 2008-13e
• Point of use distributors, machines, 2008-13e

Market forecasts
• Bottled coolers and POU forecasts, 2013e-18f
• Bottled coolers and POU split forecasts, 2013e-18f

Company profiles

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USA POU and Bottled Coolers 2013 Report

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