Userful Addresses Cost and Complexity Challenges for Control Room and Public Display Video Walls

Innovative zones feature allows customers to display multiple content streams within one video wall with simplicity and affordability

Aug 05, 2015, 07:30 ET from Userful Corporation

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Userful Corporation, an industry-leading centralized display software company, has expanded its innovative video wall solution to solve some of the key challenges in control room and public display markets. With the addition of the ability to support multiple preset zones within a video wall, Userful is bringing its unique solution to markets that have traditionally been held back by costly and complex alternatives.

Video walls have been experiencing record growth in recent years and customers are demanding more advanced functionality. A highly-sought after feature is the ability to play multiple, simultaneous content streams on different sections of a video wall. These types of deployments often require expensive and complicated video wall controllers, but now Userful is offering the same preset zones functionality from a standard Core i7 PC.

The zones feature is a part of the latest release of the Userful's platform - Userful Network Video Wall 8.0.

The Userful Network Video Wall delivers real-time content – 4k and higher - to the video wall via a standard gigabit Ethernet network using a single standard PC. This eliminates the need for expensive AV hardware and complicated software. Userful's new preset zones feature adds to the versatility of the platform, making it the perfect solution for businesses looking for flexible and cost-effective video wall solutions for control rooms and high-end public displays.

"This powerful new zones feature opens up a new world of use case possibilities," said Tim Griffin, CTO of Userful. "For us, video walls are about a lot more than just putting video onto synchronized displays.  They're powerful tools that deliver strong ROI, but for a long time now it's been clear the market needed a simpler and more cost-effective way to deploy multiple content sources simultaneously on different parts of a video wall. We are now doing just that, and ensuring it's easy and affordable."

The new zones feature is ideal for control rooms allowing administrators to monitor multiple desktops, dashboards or video sources at the same time at a high resolution. It can also be used for team collaboration and meeting areas to display multiple presentations, web content, videos at the same time for more efficient communication. Additionally, zones support is perfect for high-end public video walls to show multiple content sources at once.

Click here to watch a video on how the zones feature works.  Userful makes trial kits and demo software available for those that wish to test the solution.  For information, visit, email, or call 403-289-2177 opt 1.

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