Utilities: Global Industry Almanac, MarketLine

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Utilities: Global Industry Almanac, MarketLine


Utilities: Global Industry Almanac is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the Utilities industry. It includes detailed data on market size and segmentation, textual analysis of the key trends and competitive landscape, and profiles of the leading companies. This incisive report provides expert analysis on a global, regional and country basis.

Scope of the Report * Contains an executive summary and data on value, volume and segmentation

* Provides textual analysis of the industry's prospects, competitive landscape and profiles of the leading companies

* Incorporates in-depth five forces competitive environment analysis and scorecards

* Covers the Global, European and Asia-Pacific markets as well as individual chapters on Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

* Includes a five-year forecast of the industry


The global utilities industry grew by 6.9% in 2011 to reach a value of $3,881.7 billion.

In 2016, the global utilities industry is forecast to have a value of $5,139.4 billion, an increase of 32.4% since 2011.

Electricity is the largest segment of the global utilities industry, accounting for 59.3% of the industry's total value.

Europe accounts for 33.6% of the global utilities industry value.

Why you should buy this report * Spot future trends and developments

* Inform your business decisions

* Add weight to presentations and marketing materials

* Save time carrying out entry-level research

Market Definition

The utilities industry consists of the electricity, gas and water markets. The electricity market consists of the sale of electricity to industrial, commercial, household and other end-users, including agricultural and transport users. The market value has been calculated according to average annual electricity prices. The gas utilities market is calculated as the total value of natural gas used by industrial, (including energy generators purchasing gas from utilities), commercial, residential, and other end-users (including transport and agriculture users). The water utilities industry consists of all water that is collected, treated and distributed to end-users. The industry has been valued according to average annual end-user prices. All currency conversions used in the creation of this report have been calculated using constant 2011 annual average exchange rates.TABLE OF CONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2Market value 2Market value forecast 2Category segmentation 2Geography segmentation 2Introduction 46What is this report about? 46Who is the target reader? 46How to use this report 46Definitions 46Global Utilities 47Market Overview 47Market Data 48Market Segmentation 49Market outlook 51Five forces analysis 52Utilities in Asia-Pacific 58Market Overview 58Market Data 59Market Segmentation 60Market outlook 62Five forces analysis 63Utilities in Europe 70Market Overview 70Market Data 71Market Segmentation 72Market outlook 74Five forces analysis 75Utilities in France 82Market Overview 82Market Data 83Market Segmentation 84Market outlook 86Five forces analysis 87Macroeconomic indicators 93Utilities in Germany 95Market Overview 95Market Data 96Market Segmentation 97Market outlook 99Five forces analysis 100Macroeconomic indicators 106Utilities in Australia 108Market Overview 108Market Data 109Market Segmentation 110Market outlook 112Five forces analysis 113Macroeconomic indicators 119Utilities in Belgium 121Market Overview 121Market Data 122Market Segmentation 123Market outlook 125Five forces analysis 126Macroeconomic indicators 132Utilities in Brazil 134Market Overview 134Market Data 135Market Segmentation 136Market outlook 138Five forces analysis 139Macroeconomic indicators 145Utilities in Canada 147Market Overview 147Market Data 148Market Segmentation 149Market outlook 151Five forces analysis 152Macroeconomic indicators 158Utilities in China 160Market Overview 160Market Data 161Market Segmentation 162Market outlook 164Five forces analysis 165Macroeconomic indicators 171Utilities in The Czech Republic 173Market Overview 173Market Data 174Market Segmentation 175Market outlook 177Five forces analysis 178Macroeconomic indicators 184Utilities in Denmark 186Market Overview 186Market Data 187Market Segmentation 188Market outlook 190Five forces analysis 191Macroeconomic indicators 197Utilities in Hungary 199Market Overview 199Market Data 200Market Segmentation 201Market outlook 203Five forces analysis 204Macroeconomic indicators 210Utilities in India 212Market Overview 212Market Data 213Market Segmentation 214Market outlook 216Five forces analysis 217Macroeconomic indicators 223Utilities in Italy 225Market Overview 225Market Data 226Market Segmentation 227Market outlook 229Five forces analysis 230Macroeconomic indicators 236Utilities in Japan 238Market Overview 238Market Data 239Market Segmentation 240Market outlook 242Five forces analysis 243Macroeconomic indicators 249Utilities in Mexico 251Market Overview 251Market Data 252Market Segmentation 253Market outlook 255Five forces analysis 256Macroeconomic indicators 262Utilities in The Netherlands 264Market Overview 264Market Data 265Market Segmentation 266Market outlook 268Five forces analysis 269Macroeconomic indicators 275Utilities in Norway 277Market Overview 277Market Data 278Market Segmentation 279Market outlook 281Five forces analysis 282Macroeconomic indicators 288Utilities in Poland 290Market Overview 290Market Data 291Market Segmentation 292Market outlook 294Five forces analysis 295Macroeconomic indicators 301Utilities in Russia 303Market Overview 303Market Data 304Market Segmentation 305Market outlook 307Five forces analysis 308Macroeconomic indicators 314Utilities in Singapore 316Market Overview 316Market Data 317Market Segmentation 318Market outlook 320Five forces analysis 321Macroeconomic indicators 327Utilities in South Africa 329Market Overview 329Market Data 330Market Segmentation 331Market outlook 332Five forces analysis 333Macroeconomic indicators 339Utilities in South Korea 341Market Overview 341Market Data 342Market Segmentation 343Market outlook 345Five forces analysis 346Macroeconomic indicators 352Utilities in Spain 354Market Overview 354Market Data 355Market Segmentation 356Market outlook 358Five forces analysis 359Macroeconomic indicators 365Utilities in Sweden 367Market Overview 367Market Data 368Market Segmentation 369Market outlook 371Five forces analysis 372Macroeconomic indicators 378Utilities in The United Kingdom 380Market Overview 380Market Data 381Market Segmentation 382Market outlook 384Five forces analysis 385Macroeconomic indicators 391Utilities in The United States 393Market Overview 393Market Data 394Market Segmentation 395Market outlook 397Five forces analysis 398Macroeconomic indicators 405Company Profiles 407Leading companies 407Appendix 725Methodology 725

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