Virgin/EMI to Release 'ENIGMA: The Platinum Collection' Boxed Set on February 9

Career-Spanning 3CD and Digital Collection Features Standout Tracks, Sought-After Remixes and Previously Unreleased Recordings

Dec 15, 2009, 16:06 ET from Virgin/EMI

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The onset of the 21st Century's second decade marks the 20th anniversary of a musical phenomenon which has always been ahead of its time: producer Michael Cretu's ENIGMA. To commemorate the milestone, Virgin/EMI will release a deluxe, career-spanning 3CD boxed set on February 9 titled ENIGMA: The Platinum Collection, featuring 17 standout album tracks, 12 sought-after remixes and 11 previously unreleased recordings. The collection will also be available for download purchase from all major digital service providers.


Romanian-born producer Michael Cretu has never shied away from breaking into uncharted terrain with his musical creations, catapulting his frequently experimental songs and albums into remarkable commercial dimensions. ENIGMA's many worldwide accomplishments include more than 50 million records sold, 100 gold and platinum sales awards and 50 number one positions in the international charts.

ENIGMA: The Platinum Collection sees Cretu not only taking stock of his success, but also presenting an impressively comprehensive portrait of his creative oeuvre.

Disc One, "The Greatest Hits," features 17 of ENIGMA's most popular and successful songs, all of them prototypes of a unique conglomeration of ethnic, electronic and classical music transformed into mythical, sensual pop symphonies. Vocal protagonists, from Ruth-Ann to Andru Donalds to ENIGMA's best-known Gregorian choirs, were integrated by Cretu into a sonic bed in which energetic rhythms and spherical spaces combine.

Disc Two, "The Remix Collection," showcases 12 of ENIGMA's tracks, remixed for lounge and club play, including favorites "Mea Culpa" and "Principles Of Lust" alongside more recent compositions "Voyageur" and "Dreaming of Andromeda."

Disc Three, "The Lost Ones," will be of particular interest to true ENIGMA fans, offering a 36-minute voyage through 11 drafts from the personal vault of sonic alchemist Michael Cretu, who describes the consecutively numbered curiosities, "Lost One" to "Lost Eleven," as follows: "Everything starts with trial and error. Sometimes it's a sound, then a melody, a harmony or a mood. The 'Lost Ones' are my way of instrumental drafts developed from a boiling cauldron full of unordered, naive and carefree musical ideas."

With ENIGMA, Cretu's musical power refracts like light in a kaleidoscope. The Platinum Collection is a prism for the senses, music for small and major escapes beyond all borders.

                 ENIGMA: The Platinum Collection (3CD, digital)

    Disc One: THE GREATEST HITS              Disc Three: THE LOST ONES
    ---------------------------              -------------------------
    01. Sadeness (Part 1)                    01. Lost One
    02. Mea Culpa (Orthodox Version)         02. Lost Two
    03. Principles Of Lust                   03. Lost Three
    04. Rivers Of Belief                     04. Lost Four
    05. Return To Innocence                  05. Lost Five
    06. Age Of Loneliness                    06. Lost Six
    07. Out From The Deep                    07. Lost Seven
    08. Beyond The Invisible                 08. Lost Eight
    09. T.N.T. For The Brain                 09. Lost Nine
    10. Gravity Of Love                      10. Lost Ten
    11. Push The Limits                      11. Lost Eleven
    12. Turn Around
    13. Voyageur
    14. Boum-Boum
    15. Following The Sun
    16. Seven Lives
    17. La Puerta Del Cielo

    01. Sadeness (U.S. Violent mix)
    02. Mea Culpa (Fading Shades mix)
    03. Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust mix)
    04. Return To Innocence (Long and Alive version)
    05. Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic club mix)
    06. Out From The Deep (Trance mix)
    07. T.N.T. For The Brain (Midnight Man mix)
    08. Gravity Of Love (Judgment Day club mix)
    09. Push The Limits (ATB remix)
    10. Voyageur (Club mix)
    11. Boum-Boum (Chicane club edit)
    12. Dreaming Of Andromeda (Jean F. Cochois remix)