Voith Hydro Secures Contract for Generators and Turbines at Red Rock Hydroelectric Facility

Project Construction will begin in 2013 at the Red Rock Dam on the Des Moines River in Iowa

Apr 23, 2012, 10:30 ET from Voith Hydro

YORK, Pa., April 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Voith Hydro announced today that it has received the contract to provide generators and turbines for the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project (RRHP) on the Des Moines River near Pella, Iowa.  Once completed in 2016, the Red Rock Dam power plant will produce a nominal 36 MW of power, with the capacity to generate up to 55 MW during peak seasons.

The project is being developed by a joint venture of The Western Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (WMMPA) and Missouri River Energy Services (MRES).

"We are very much looking forward to working with Missouri River Energy Services and Western Minnesota Municipal Power Agency on the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project," Voith Hydro President and CEO Kevin Frank said. "This is an exciting project that will provide MRES customers in the upper Midwest with clean and efficient hydroelectric power.  The economic benefits, both through the increased power generation and the direct and indirect jobs during and after construction of the facility, will be significant."

Project construction will begin in 2013 with an expected completion date and commercial operation in 2016.  RRHP will be dispatchable generation, meaning the electricity can be turned off or on by its operators in order to meet electrical demand. Economic analysis indicates that RRHP will provide economic benefits of nearly $250 million to the four-county region in Iowa during the construction period, creating 448 direct and indirect jobs to the area, with 732 jobs during the height of construction in 2014.

Voith is supplying 2 vertical Kaplan type turbines with generators and automation systems to RRHP for a contract worth nearly $50 million. The turbines, generators and automation systems will be supplied by Voith Hydro's York, PA facility.

WMMPA is a joint-action agency made up of MRES members in the State of Minnesota. It has provided financing for all of the major generating and transmission facilities with which MRES serves its 61 member municipal electric systems in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

The contract awarded today comes as two of Voith's other major domestic new hydro projects – AMP's Ohio River Projects and the Holtwood Hydroelectric Project – are under construction.  Within the last two months, Voith Hydro has shipped two 150-ton turbines to the Holtwood Dam on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, which will more than double Holtwood's capacity from 108 MW to over 230 MW, enough for an additional 100,000 households.  Voith Hydro is also supplying turbines and generators for four AMP projects on the Ohio River, which in total will add an additional 300 MW of electricity to AMP's portfolio.  The projects are expected to be completed in 2014.

"These are exciting times at Voith Hydro as we're starting to see some of our major projects near their completion point and we are awarded new ones such as Red Rock at the same time," said Frank.

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Voith Hydro is a Group Division of Voith and - with a workforce of approx. 5,300 employees and a sales volume of more than 1.2 billion Euros in the business year 2010/2011 – belongs to the world-wide leading companies for hydro power equipment.

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The Importance of Hydro Power
Hydro power is the largest, oldest and most reliable form of renewable energy generation. Worldwide, it makes an indispensable contribution to stable power supplies and hence to economic and social development - both in industrial countries and in emerging markets. Hydro power also makes a significant contribution to climate-protecting energy production. Voith has been a leading supplier of this technology from the early beginning and continuously develops it further. 

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