VZillion, Inc. Introduces I.C.O.R.E

Defining a "New Way to Internet" with VirtuReal Architecture

Oct 01, 2009, 08:30 ET from VZillion, Inc.

MIAMI, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VZillion, Inc. (Pink Sheets: VZIL), innovator of the virtual Internet, has set forth to seamlessly integrate our online and offline lives through its VirtuReal architecture. Today, the company announced the introduction of I.C.O.R.E. (Intelligent Consumer Oriented Real-Time Environment), the platform for this vision.

I.C.O.R.E. will help define a 'new way to internet' by introducing VZillion users to exclusive content in the form of live concerts, virtual shopping networks, sports and television programming and many other engaging and immersive experiences -- all within their 360-degree VirtuReal apartments. Essentially, I.C.O.R.E. combines virtual environments and consumer and business-oriented products and services delivered via current and future media devices.

"We are striving to make this vast space we call the World Wide Web a more relevant and humanistic experience for our users," said Antonio Collier, president and founder of VZillion. "From shopping, watching movies and socializing to listening to music and reading the news, VZillion will deliver on a granular, personalized level."

To begin, members will access their free 3D apartment, where they will have the ability to navigate from one living space to another and access the World Wide Web. Through multiple portals including plasma displays and other marketing representations, content from VZillion's strategic partners, music artists and media outlets will be delivered in one centralized location for the users to view and interact with.

VZillion members will also be able to access their current social networks, watch their favorite music videos and chat with friends all from the comfort of their VirtuReal living room. Once users begin to choose and customize their own themed apartments, they will begin interacting with the apartment and its content and establishing their unique identities.

"Effectively, each user will become a surrogate member of the VZillion family," said Demetrius Bledsoe, SVP of Operations and Business Strategies for VZillion. "Advertising and marketing entrepreneurs will be able to capture consumer behavior and collect market data that will be targeted and relevant for each user's experience."

Once VZillion begins getting a snapshot of its users, I.C.O.R.E. will move into its next phase. From grocery store shopping, to music choices and favorite social sites, the VZillion network will look to deliver an immersive experience that blends all aspects of our lives.

"No longer will we just throw pop ups and banner ads across our screens," continued Collier. "We will be able to determine a user's online footprint and preferences so that relevant products and services can be delivered. Clearly, the consumer has changed; We are spending more online than in retail outlets, are being entertained online and migrating away from television and radio. We are living virtually online now, but the explosion will come when we marry the online ease of access and reach with our offline real world lives, and that is our goal."

About VZillion, Inc.

VZillion, Inc. (VZIL) is the new way to internet. From The Apartment, the disruptive consumer virtual environment, to their innovative virtureal applications VZillion aims to transform the internet experience. A pioneer in the New Virtual Internet space VZillion utilizes virtual platforms, new media technologies and the power of the crowd to offer a truly immersive experience for their users. From VZillion's revolutionary architecture (I.C.O.R.E.) to their entertainment & shopping application (Virtually There) the company is developing a more personalized and dynamic internet experience.

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