Wall-Street.com CEO Jerrold Burden In Discussions For Strategic JV Partnership To Develop Iconic Domain Package 'Wallstreet.com,' Leading To 'Changing of the Guard' On Once Sacred Ground Called Wall Street

May 18, 2015, 11:00 ET from Wallstreet.com

NEW YORK, May 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Wall-Street.com CEO Jerrold Burden understands all too well how stock and bond investing is about to fundamentally change, starting already with "No-Fee" Trading.

Burden is in talks with prospective financial JV partners to sell up to a full 50% stake in Wallstreet.com Domain Package (www.wallstreetcloud.com), which he says will lead to a "changing of the guard on Wall Street" and the end of a handful of Investment bankers taking everything for themselves. 

His selection of the right JV Partner for developing the iconic domain package of Wallstreet.com, will precipitate major changes he sees on the horizon of the financial hub known as Wall Street. Burden and his partners in London own the rights to the URL. 

Burden seeks a strategic partner to develop this iconic financial domain, allowing for the first time, WallStreet.com to be a financial website offering financial products and trading platform like no other on the Internet.

The new "Wall Street" can be found on the cloud, available to all and the bridge to wealth will have no more tolls to pay in the form of commissions on trades.

"Whoever winds up owning Wallstreet.com will be in forefront of a natural evolution opening the gates for a "Changing of the Guard" on Wall Street." 

"Think of the 'New WallStreet.com' as a combination of E*TRADE and WallStreet Journal on Steroids," said Burden whose head some see up in the clouds for that's where he sees Wall Street heading.

In a recent article, Forbes compared it to, "building the layman's Bloomberg terminal, where people come to read financial news, get information on start-ups, and buy fractional or whole lot shares. IPOs and blue chips. With no broker fees."

"Wall Street dot com will bring a suite of information to one financial hub, all the trading tools, news and information to one place. Burden seeks a sophisticated financial partner with vision to see the worlds' greatest online portal as a one-stop shop for everyone's financial needs, including a trading deck to buy and sell stocks online.  

The WallStreet.com Package includes the domains Wallstreet.com and wall-street.com and seven trademarks. Wall-street.com has been on the internet since 1994 and ranks on first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing when searching Wall Street.

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