Website And iPhone App Invites New Yorkers To Whine About The City They Call Home

Sep 27, 2011, 17:29 ET from Does NY Love U Back?

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- For decades, city-dwelling New Yorkers have become familiar with the heart-symboled slogan, "I LOVE NY" – a statement of affection imposed upon them by the New York State Division of Tourism. However, with all the congestion, price hikes, and train delays in NYC going on, the question is, "DOES NY LOVE U BACK?"

DOES NY LOVE U BACK? is a website ( and iPhone app where New Yorkers can submit praises or complaints about life in the Big Apple, from the political to the mundane.  These expressions are then plotted onto an interactive map of New York City, which collectively portray a perpetual patchwork of the varied voices of New York City. It's a celebration of the diversity – and solidarity – that make the Big Apple like no other place in the world.

"This app isn't about namedropping places, like other services," says creator Erik Trinidad, Brooklyn resident. "The good or bad experiences of New York don't always happen in specific places.  They happen on the street or on the subway – anywhere.  This project is merely an experimental interactive sounding board for New Yorkers wherever they are in the five boroughs."

"It's easy to love the city, but it's also easy to hate this city. Being able to express any emotion at any time is necessary. And that's what this app does. It's the voice of NYC," says Jon Darren, an East Village resident.

The website also links to an on-line store where t-shirts, amongst other things, can be purchased.  The t-shirts are modeled in a gallery section, which expresses thoughts from the five boroughs of NYC – mostly cynical ones.  After all, love of New York should go both ways, even if it often doesn't.


Does NY Love U Back? is a website ( and iPhone app which invites users to enter praises or complaints about life in New York City, which are plotted on an interactive map. The collective expressions aim to showcase the varied voices of NYC. The Does NY Love U Back? website also includes a gallery representing the five boroughs, and links out to an on-line T-shirt and paraphernalia store.  

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