WeRecoverData.com Extends Enterprise Data Recovery Expertise to HP LeftHand Storage Access Networks

Company Achieves Successful Recovery for Customer, Demonstrating Specialized Skill In HP's Mid-Market SAN Solution for iSCSI Network RAID Architectures

Jul 20, 2009, 09:00 ET from WeRecoverData.com

NEW YORK, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- WeRecoverData.com, a world leader in data recovery services, announced today it has added the HP LeftHand family of SAN solutions to the lineup of advanced, enterprise-class data storage architectures from which it can recover data. LeftHand SANs, most commonly deployed in midsized companies, provide state-of-the-art, virtual and highly scalable storage environments for critical enterprise data.

WeRecoverData.com validated its effectiveness in HP LeftHand SANs by recently completing a successful data recovery effort for a major corporate client. The recovery involved a large amount of data from the customer's central data network.

"LeftHand SAN server software is incredibly sophisticated, making it a real challenge for data recovery specialists. It is only through our company's exclusive R&D resources that such a capability was possible," said Dyan Parker, Chief Performance Officer of WeRecoverData.com. "By developing and adding expertise in LeftHand systems, WeRecoverData.com remains at the leading edge of enterprise-class data recovery worldwide."

HP LeftHand SAN solutions are a cost-effective means of constructing and operating a virtual storage network. Built on a storage clustering architecture, LeftHand solutions typically employ a iSCSI-based network RAID that stripes and mirrors multiple copies of data across a cluster of storage nodes. LeftHand SANs also feature reservationless thin provisioning, high availability and the ability to add capacity as needed.

LeftHand SANs are only the latest addition to WeRecoverData.com's growing specialty in RAID, SAN and NAS data architectures. The company is highly adept at extracting data from Apple Xsever/Xsan, VMWare/ESX/GSX, and SNAP Server systems; it also recently announced the addition of NetGear((R)) NAS environments to its data recovery list.

Providing further appeal to WeRecoverData.com's enterprise data recovery services is the company's success guarantee: if the company cannot re-acquire the lost data, no fees are charged. Furthermore, there is no charge for initial evaluation; once the customer sends in the storage/backup equipment and the examining engineer determines the nature and severity of the loss, a time and cost estimate is supplied to the equipment owner. The owner reviews and authorizes the estimate in advance before work begins.

WeRecoverData.com accepts cases via any of its 12 U.S. and six Canadian remote offices. On-site recovery services are available; customers can also go ship storage hardware from any UPS store, where packing is free of charge. To learn more, visit www.werecoverdata.com.

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