When Will TSA Stop the Madness

Dec 07, 2011, 18:33 ET from FlyersRights.org

NAPA, Calif., Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In the wake of two more over-the-top TSA missteps, FlyersRights.org called today for an end to government-sponsored security theater.  The story of 85-year-old Lenore Zimmerman's strip search at JFK, coupled with a similar tale, at the same airport, from 88-year-old Ruth Sherman, clearly illustrate the folly of granting almost unlimited power to TSA officers with clearly limited abilities. 

The time is past for carefully-worded press releases assuring the American public that "procedures were followed" or accusing complainants of lying.  What procedure demands humiliating treatment of obviously frail, elderly women?  To what possible end would these two women lie about their TSA experience?

According to Kate Hanni, founder and Executive Director of FlyersRights.org, "FlyersRights has always demanded truly effective, safe, constitutional, consistently-applied security measures.   These incidents demand new approaches to a serious challenge—the safety of America's air-traveling public."  

Hanni noted that "In the most freedom-loving country in the world, government agencies that routinely strip us of our freedoms must find other ways to do their jobs, using a risk-based, intelligence-driven approach.  We are disappointed to see that body scanner use is still expanding."

Ms. Hanni said that "Instead of the current model, we urge adopting the Israeli model--looking for the bombers instead of the bombs,--more rational discrimination between innocent travelers and potential terrorists, and available, less-intrusive technologies must replace current procedures, which provide only an illusion of safety.  Equally important, TSA must rapidly improve officer training to prevent further mistreatment of our air travelers."

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SOURCE FlyersRights.org