Whirlpool Corporation Recognized by IBI and NBCH for Health & Productivity Leadership in Transforming Benefits Program

BC Public Service Agency, Corning and Intel also honored for their wellness efforts

Mar 02, 2011, 08:05 ET from National Business Coalition on Health from ,Integrated Benefits Institute

SAN FRANCISCO, March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Whirlpool Corporation was presented with the 2011 Healthy Workforce Productivity Award by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) and the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH) at their annual Health & Productivity Forum. The award, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, recognizes leadership in the area of health and productivity and honors an employer that has worked with its employees to develop, implement and measure an innovative health and productivity initiative.

Honorable mentions also were awarded to BC Public Service Agency, an organization within the British Columbia provincial government providing consolidated human resource service to the ministries and agencies within the BC public service, for its Quittin' Time Smoking Cessation Program; Corning, the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, for its Total Health program; and Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, for its Health for Life program.

"Whirlpool Corporation's program takes a comprehensive and highly integrated approach to creating a culture of health for our employees, their families and our retirees," said Debra Brandt, senior benefit manager, Global Health & Wellness, Whirlpool Corporation. "By focusing on keeping the healthy, healthy and improving the health of those who are not as quickly as possible, we are making improvements to the well-being and productivity of our workforce."

Beginning in 2009, the Whirlpool Global Benefits team began a health and productivity transformation focused on creating a culture of health while managing employee, retiree and dependent health. The effort was successfully implemented, and results were seen within two years. Many of the initiatives launched focused on increasing the value of the investments Whirlpool makes in its people through benefits which also increases the company's return on investment. The strategy involved focusing on the employee experience at all key touch points. For example, at all major Whirlpool divisions there are now on-site health coaches, pharmacists as well as counselors for the employee assistance program.

Whirlpool also introduced account features with incentives, disincentives in their health plan offerings and compliance features to drive desired consumer behaviors and higher levels of personal accountability. The company implemented a value-based benefit design to support diabetes and created a custom formulary that allows patients to receive many medications for cost-driving chronic conditions without co-pays. Whirlpool also took advantage of available health and productivity assessment tools.

"Employers can effectively increase the value of investments in health and productivity when they start with a clear vision and goals, comprehensive and well-designed strategies, clearly articulated metrics for evaluating effectiveness and a structured approach to performance improvement," said Thomas Parry, PhD, president, IBI.

Andrew Webber, president and CEO of NBCH commented, "We are pleased to highlight the efforts of Whirlpool Corporation, BC Public Service Agency, Corning and Intel as prime examples of employers committed to investing and promoting in the health and productivity of their workforces. By sharing these best practices we hope to help other employers develop innovative programs which are becoming increasingly important in today's economic climate."

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