Wireless Power Consortium selects close range magnetic induction technology for standard and welcomes Olympus as new member

Jan 21, 2009, 07:00 ET from Wireless Power Consortium

Safety, energy and charging efficiency drive choice of close-range magnetic induction technology in the standard for wireless power transfer

DALLAS, Jan. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Citing performance in safety, energy and charging efficiency as key drivers, the Wireless Power Consortium ("The Consortium") announced its selection of close-range magnetic induction technology for its international standard for low power portable electronic devices. With an international standard, interoperability across portable electronic devices charging delivers a new experience in user freedom and convenience worldwide.

"There's something futuristic about wireless power that has grabbed people's attention at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, and 2009 could be a big year for the technology judging from what's on show here ... One issue for all the vendors will be agreeing to a standard that lets their products interoperate." -James Niccolai, IDG News Service 11 January 2009

Close-range magnetic induction technology differentiates itself from other wireless power technologies by transmitting power within a near field between the devices to be charged and the power source. This range can be less than one centimeter and allows the transmitter to focus energy on the receiver safely with high efficiency.

The first products targeted for the standard and a universal wireless charging solution will be 4-5 watt portable electronic rechargeable devices. This includes smart phones, mobile phones, portable music and video players, batteries and battery charging packs, computer and game peripherals, remote controls, Bluetooth(R) headsets, digital still cameras, camcorders and shavers.

Advantages of close-range magnetic induction technology

Close-range inductive coupling technology is based on the principle of magnetic induction, a technology in use in a variety of applications for over 100 years, because it is simple, efficient and safe.

The technology makes rapid battery charging possible and charges in the same time as current wired chargers. It is safe and will not interfere with data or devices nearby. Close-range magnetic induction does not require contact between the device to be charged and the power source. Loss of energy and impact on the environment are also minimized. It performs reliably in demanding environments where there may be water and dirt.

The Consortium welcomes its newest member

Olympus Imaging Corporation has joined The Consortium which now comprises nine members.

"To eliminate the last wire from products is one of our most important mission. We believe that this activity brings considerable benefits to consumers and contributes to conserve global resources." - Yoshiro Yoda, General Manager, Olympus Imaging Corporation

The other eight members are ConvenientPower Limited, Fulton Innovation LLC, Logitech International SA, National Semiconductor Corporation, Philips Electronics N.V., Sanyo Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Sang Fei Consumer Communications Company Limited and Texas Instruments Incorporated.

The Wireless Power Consortium

Established 17 December 2008, the Consortium's mission is to create and promote wide market adoption of an international standard for interoperability across rechargeable electronics devices.

The Wireless Power Consortium welcomes and invites all interested companies to join as members. More information can be found at www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com.

SOURCE Wireless Power Consortium