Wrongcards Releases World's Most Unsuitable Postcards

Mar 30, 2011, 11:11 ET from Wrongcards

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The free ecards website Wrongcards.com has published their first edition of beautiful postcards which are utterly unsuitable to send to anyone. The box contains twenty unique and sweetly honest postcards that you will badly want to send, even though it might be sorely ill-advised.

Wrongcards' reinvention of the ecard covers all categories with simmering irreverence, whether for the purpose of apologizing, expressing friendship ("I like you even more than toast") or wishing someone a happy birthday.

Now through print, Wrongcards allows you to communicate with luddites, technophobes and paranoids in the woods. For example, one postcard promises that you like the recipient far too much to consider stealing their kidneys and another that reveals how an illegal state of mind has actually heightened your appreciation of ducks.

The artist behind Wrongcards suggests that a refusal to court mainstream appeal is the key to their resonance with people. "People first think that Wrongcards, being a funny greeting card site, would obviously be snarky and sarcastic. But we're neither of those things. Our cards are simply wrong and sociopathic, and most of our cards are very sweet and sincere. In this respect, there has never been a greeting card company like Wrongcards."

Others think so too. Askmen.com admits, "Sometimes it's hard to find that perfect card. It's true, we men don't often send cards (we admit, it's a little effeminate), but these are manly greetings if ever there were any." Thrillist also exclaims that Wrongcards is "Dishing a different spin on e-greetings, offering free cards for a plentiful helping of events, all rocking a decidedly bent tone (don't underestimate the importance of not being earnest)."

The postcard boxes will retail for $14.95 at Amazon.com on March 30th. However, everyone can still send all Wrongcards for free online as ecards. For more information, visit http://www.wrongcards.com/shopping.

About Wrongcards

Wrongcards began as an independent art experiment and transformed into an ill-conceived startup in 2011. If you're tired of greeting cards that offer tawdry, mass-produced tokens of insincere sentiment, then Wrongcards is for you.

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