Your Child's Next Homework Assignment Just Might Be "Play More Video Games"

Groundbreaking New Research Reveals that the Right Kind of Video Games Can Increase Academic and Social Function in Children-- Especially Children with ADHD

Aug 06, 2015, 10:37 ET from C8 Sciences

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Aug. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With the new school year beginning, some children may be reluctant to get back into the swing of the classroom after a summer that included lots of time playing computer games. But there's good news for them: according to new research by neuroscientist Dr. Bruce Wexler of Yale University, students don't have to give up all computer games once they get back to school.


Dr. Wexler, Founder and Chief Scientist at C8 Sciences, cites studies showing that the right kind of computer games can actually help children with ADHD and other attention deficit disorders develop skills – and can help many children be better students.

Data collected by Dr. Wexler from thousands of children who participated in the C8 Sciences' ACTIVATE™ brain training program show significant gains in working memory, focused attention and self-control as measured by gold-standard tests, including the NIH Toolbox.

Additionally, in a recent NIH-funded study, parents of children who used ACTIVATE™ were twice as likely to report significant decreases in ADHD symptoms in their children as were parents in a control group.

"Many video games for kids actually weaken their ability to sustain attention – while ACTIVATE™'s brain games have been designed to strengthen specific cognitive skills," says Matt Fitzpatrick, C8 Sciences' Vice President of Product Management.

Dr. Wexler states that "While the results showing the impact of ACTIVATE™ on children with ADHD was powerful, possibly the most startling findings have come directly from schools that have used ACTIVATE™ with their general population of students – especially in high-poverty schools. These findings indicate that students who used ACTIVATE™ showed greater improvements in math and reading (as measured by standardized tests) than did their peers who did not use ACTIVATE™."

ACTIVATE™ is web-based, so children whose school uses the program can also access it outside their classroom. ACTIVATE™–Home has just been launched for children whose schools do not use the program. Strategies for blending physical exercises that enhance the computer brain training are included with the program.

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