Zenith TigerCloud Brings Virtualized Infrastructures to SMBs

MSPs Embracing TigerCloud as Businesses Flock to the Cloud

Mar 01, 2013, 11:11 ET from Zenith Infotech, Ltd.

PITTSBURGH, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When Zenith Infotech launched TigerCloud converged infrastructure in April 2012 along with Intel, Zenith CEO Akash Saraf was confident that it would satisfy a significant need for service providers with small to medium clients. And it looks like he was right. Since TigerCloud went on the market in August, hundreds of units have been deployed, and sales continue to grow.

TigerCloud, based on the Intel® Xeon® E3 processor, pulls together all of the IT components needed for hosting servers, desktops, storage, backup and networking into a single, optimized solution. Because it's designed to work as an integrated system, TigerCloud centralizes IT management, consolidates systems, increases resource utilization and lowers costs.

MSPs serving the SMB market find that their clients particularly reap the benefits. Expert Data Labs, near Pittsburgh, is migrating to TigerCloud for their hosted services. EDL founder Joe Nardone explained, "Our clients want a turn-key, no-fuss solution. They ask us, 'Can't I just pay you to keep everything running?' With TigerCloud, we can provide hardware-as-a-service, so they no longer have to deal with it. TigerCloud speaks to our clients' needs, enabling us to capitalize on opportunities to better serve them."

Saraf is seeing TigerCloud's capabilities being put to work in a variety of industries. "We have clients in education, health care, finance, manufacturing, software development.  TigerCloud is flexible and powerful enough to handle the most demanding computing needs."

Skip Carruth, President of McLane Intelligent Solutions in central Texas, recently deployed TigerCloud for an area school. "School districts have very limited funds. Our client receives many donated computers, but most are already obsolete. With TigerCloud, we're able to utilize these older machines as thin clients, relying on TigerCloud to provide the CPU, RAM and storage. It's ideal for their virtual desktop infrastructure."

Zenith partners point to the affordable cost and robust features of the solution. Carruth explained, "TigerCloud can do the vast majority of what the huge enterprise systems do, at 30% of the cost. We don't give up anything with TigerCloud – it's a great answer for performance and reliability."  Nardone elaborated that, "Small and medium companies all define 'value' in their own way. Cost savings, efficiency, reliability, flexibility – each business weighs these differently. With TigerCloud, we're able to tailor affordable offerings for each client. We know the system is going to work well, for them and for us."

Saraf sees the market growing rapidly for TigerCloud. "The cloud has caused a paradigm shift in business computing.  SMBs are expected to spend 1/3 of their IT budgets on cloud-based services in 2013. Large public cloud services can't offer the support or targeted services that SMBs require. TigerCloud is perfectly situated for this niche; it's the tool they need to capture the power of the cloud."

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Zenith Infotech is a leading international company specializing in delivering innovative IT solutions for virtual infrastructures, data storage, and backup & disaster recovery. Zenith partners with IT service providers serving the small to medium business market to help them capitalize on the lucrative cloud market. For more information about TigerCloud, visit www.tigercloud.com or follow Zenith at www.facebook.com/ZenithInfotechUSA and www.twitter.com/ZenithUSA.

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