Zylast Antiseptic Products First Hand Sanitizers Proven Effective Against Norovirus

Study Data Shows Zylast Products Kills Norovirus; Persistent for Six Hours

Feb 22, 2013, 08:00 ET from Innovative BioDefense Inc.

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Feb. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative BioDefense Inc., the creators of the Zylast™ line of antimicrobial products, announced today that independent testing has demonstrated that its Zylast products are 100 times more effective against Norovirus than alcohol-based hand sanitizers on the market. Norovirus, also often called the "stomach flu" or the "cruise ship virus," is one of the major causes of a digestive-tract epidemic that is currently gripping the country.  Its major symptoms include explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting.  It is especially dangerous in close quarters, often striking hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and cruise ships with outbreaks.  A new variant of Norovirus called the Sydney 2012 variant is the cause of much of the problem.  Research at one of the foremost independent laboratories in the United States, BioScience Laboratories, demonstrated that the Zylast products destroyed 99.97% of the Norovirus on contact. Unlike other personal sanitization products on the market based on alcohol, Zylast has proven it can effectively kill the Norovirus immediately, as well as offering persistence for six hours. Zylast products have also shown to be effective against Rotavirus (the most common cause of diarrhea in children), Rhinovirus (the cause of the common cold), and the H1N1 flu virus.  Since Norovirus' main means of transmission is contaminated hands or workspaces, washing or wiping down with Zylast is an effective preventative treatment, said Beth McNichol, Ph.D., a specialist in infectious diseases based in Maryland.

"Zylast provides a simple, effective and persistent method to sterilize your hands and your environment, and I recommend it wholeheartedly," Dr. McNichol said. "While an alcohol-based sanitizer can be effective against some bacteria, these products really offer no more protection against viruses than simply washing your hands. To prevent contamination against Norovirus, you need the broad-spectrum protection of a product like Zylast."

A recent study in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, published by ASM, the world's largest society of microbiological sciences professionals, concluded that it was actually more effective to rinse your hands with plain water than use an alcohol sanitizer against the Norovirus.  Research has shown that Zylast eliminates more than 99.97 percent of Norovirus on contact, making it more than 100 times as effective as alcohol alone against the virus.  The study also showed that Zylast was significantly more effective against Norovirus than hand-washing with either water or antibacterial soap.

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Alcohol-based sanitizers have shown little or no effectiveness once the alcohol evaporates from the skin, about 15 seconds total.  This means that immediately after using an alcohol sanitizer, the skin can become recontaminated.  They have also shown negligible effectiveness against many viruses.  In contrast, Zylast products are designed to be persistent.  Studies in human skin substitutes have shown that Zylast continues to kill more 97% of E. coli and S. aureus that are introduced one hour after application, and also destroyed more than 89% of new bacteria after 8 hours.

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Along with cruise ship lines, Norovirus is especially prevalent in closed-in environments like schools, nursing homes and hospitals, and it afflicts an estimated 20 million Americans per year, resulting in roughly 200,000 pediatric deaths worldwide each year.

The ineffectiveness of alcohol-based sanitizers against Norovirus was conclusively demonstrated in a study supported by the Centers for Disease Control, which surveyed nearly 100 nursing homes.  They found that facilities that relied on alcohol sanitizers, rather than handwashing, were six times more likely to have a Norovirus outbreak.  Cruiselines, which almost exclusively use alcohol sanitizers, average more than 16 Norovirus outbreaks each year, according to the CDC.

About Zylast

Zylast™ is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of a full line of antiseptic products for use by healthcare professionals, businesses and consumers.  Zylast products, based on proprietary and patented combinations of pharmaceutical ingredients, are owned by Innovative BioDefense Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Lake Forest, CA. 

Products can be ordered at www.zylast.com.

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