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What is ProfNet Connect?
ProfNet Connect is our free online community for PR professionals, experts and media. The site features nearly 50,000 user profiles, searchable by keyword and geographic location. Profiles also include photos, video, white papers and more, making it easy to decide whether the experts you find meet your source needs.
Can I add my own profile to ProfNet Connect?
Absolutely! The benefits of ProfNet Connect go beyond searching for experts. You can participate in forums, post on the site's Blog section to increase traffic to your own blog, and share your own expertise.
How do I create profiles for my experts?
In order to create profiles for your experts, you must first register for ProfNet Connect. Once you're registered, click on the Edit Profile tab, then on Create Expert.
Is there a cost?
There is a fee to receive ProfNet queries and submit Expert Alerts, depending on the type of institution and the number of subscribers. There is no fee to use ProfNet Connect, our online network.

ProfNet Connect

What is ProfNet Connect?
ProfNet Connect is a free online network for journalists, bloggers, PR professionals, experts and other key influencers to network and communicate with one another. You can profile yourself and your experts, contribute blog posts, participate in forums, and more.
What are the benefits of joining ProfNet Connect?
ProfNet Connect gives you another avenue to connect with journalists, bloggers, authors and other content creators, helping you position your subject-matter expert or organization as the go-to source when quotable experts are needed to complete a story. You'll benefit from enhanced profile capabilities, allowing you to easily add multimedia components to your expert profile. Stimulate visibility and media interaction through the inclusion of photos, videos, white papers and much more, which can be instantly searched by the media and are indexed by all major search engines
How do I register for ProfNet Connect?
Simply click on the "Register" box near the login area. You will be asked to enter your details and user type (expert, journalist, communications professional). You will also be asked to choose a vanity URL (e.g., and password. Then, fill out the Basic Profile Information to complete your registration and get full access to the network.
Will ProfNet Links increase the word count of my release?
ProfNet Links is a free service; the expert-related text will not contribute toward the word count of your releases.
What is the best way to respond to a query?
We suggest a standard three-paragraph response: 1) basic contact information, both for the source and yourself; 2) a summary of the source's relevant credentials; 3) summarize the source's perspective (often pivotal in persuading a reporter to make contact). We also recommend including "ProfNet" in the subject line of your response so the reporter knows your email is in response to his/her query, rather than spam.


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If you have questions about ProfNet or ProfNet Connect, please contact a representative at 800-PROFNET (800-776-3638) or email us at