SEC Regulatory Compliance

Ensure Efficient & Transparent Regulatory Compliance by Relying on Our Experts and Technology

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Integrated compliance from IPO to quarterly earnings

To keep public companies compliant in the constantly changing landscape of SEC and SEDAR filing regulations, PR Newswire and our partner Toppan Vintage collaborate with our clients to file regulatory documents in an accurate and expeditious fashion. Now, more than ever, the companies and law firms we work with appreciate our processing efficiency and the resulting cost savings. 

  • Trusted Across Markets — Companies listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC Markets and TSX have placed their confidence in us to manage all aspects of their filing, typesetting, and financial printing needs.  
  • Full Service Filing & Printing — Public companies and their attorneys can stay focused on core business activities by depending on us for full service, prompt filing and print services. 
  • XBRL Tagging & Filing  
  • Edgar Filing & Printing
  • Section 16 Filing
  • SEDAR Filing
  • M&A Transactions 
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PR Newswire is hands down the best in the industry when it comes to customer service.

 – Tracy Teuscher - President - THE BUZZ MAKER!

[My team] needed to make certain that a press release distribution regarding a new partnership […] reached as widely as possible in a timely and cost-effective manner. PR Newswire has a trusted reputation, and there was no question we were going to use another vendor (or do it ourselves!).

 – Leslie Levine - Principal - Leslie Levine Communications

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