Distributing content via a newswire service can help public relations and marketing professionals reach new customer segments and build relationships with new influencers. But did you know your wire service provider can do much more?

Quoting your brand’s thought leaders in a press release can be an effective way to offer readers a peek into your organization and inspire them to take action. Learn how to strategically leverage quotations with these five tips.

Earned media is 80% more effective than branded content at influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. However, it can be difficult to grab journalists’ attention with your news. Here are six types of stories the media is looking for.

If your brand has a presence at industry events, you have a story to tell. Whether you aim to create brand awareness or drive traffic to a booth, you have quality content to share. Read on for tips on crafting your trade show release.

As we watch with sadness the tragedy unfolding in Nepal and surrounding areas, PR Newswire would like to offer its services to those sending out news about earthquake relief efforts. A deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake like this doesn’t just impact the region it occurred in, but is a global event that requires a global humanitarian effort. “PR […]

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