The Power & Vulnerability of Pregnancy Revealed in "Evolve, a Woman's Journey"

Breathtaking Imagery Explores the Physical & Emotional Journeys Women Face as They Create Life

Jul 26, 2011, 05:06 ET from Patrick Stull

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Evolve, a Woman's Journey, is an emotionally moving new photography book unlike any previous exploration of human creation.  Photographer and artist Patrick Stull captures the power, conflict and triumph of pregnancy in 100 captivating original images, while telling the remarkable and inspiring personal stories of the women he portrays.  

Each of the 30 women in Evolve, a Woman's Journey were selected for their unique circumstances and the challenges they overcame during their pregnancies, including cultural prejudices, intense family pressures, psychological dilemmas, health risks, eating disorders, abandonment, poverty, and abuse. Stull's imagery and text celebrates the empowerment and spiritual growth these women gained through their journeys.

"All of these courageous women have an individual story that resonates with every human being," said Stull.  "My goal in creating this book was to provide a way to learn more about our own humanity, and a woman's fundamental contribution to our lives."

Evolve, a Woman's Journey was inspired by Stull's own life experience.  When his wife Sally delivered their second child, the doctors made a harrowing discovery -- their son was born with Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) that could potentially obliterate any chance for normal development. The couple was devastated as their joyous anticipation suddenly turned into anxiety, sadness and fear.

Living day-to-day with heart wrenching uncertainty during their son's life made a profound impact on Stull.  With the love and continual care of his parents, their son is now a thriving, independent young man.  It's this remarkable, soul-shifting ordeal that connects Stull to the women's emotions and experiences he chronicles in his book.

A multi-city multimedia exhibition of Evolve, a Woman's Journey will be presented in 2012, and will include photo images, original music, paintings, and breathtaking life-size body casts and sculptures of the women featured in Evolve, made from a variety of materials.  This stunning experience will tap into viewers' emotions as they listen to first-hand recordings of the women showcased in the book.

Evolve, a Woman's Journey (Hard Cover, 164 pgs.), an iApp, and iBook are available on the artist's website (

SOURCE Patrick Stull