VIVOBAREFOOT & "The World's Best Barefoot Running Coach" Lee Saxby Call for an end to Jogging & Inspire Injury Free Running With Free eBook, PROPRIOCEPTION: Making Sense of Barefoot Running

Mar 28, 2011, 14:31 ET from VIVOBAREFOOT

LONDON, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- VIVOBAREFOOT (, the original barefoot shoe company, has teamed up with biomechanics expert Lee Saxby to create the definitive guide to injury free running and walking. Cutting through the myths and misinformation, PROPRIOCEPTION: Making sense of Barefoot Running, delivers a free step-by-step guide to reducing injury, improving performance and reawakening the innate skill of running and walking. Cutting-edge illustrations from renowned New York illustrator Bryan Christie bring the science to life.

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The Death of Jogging

The eBook, which features glowing forewords from Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run and Harvard University Professor Daniel Lieberman, investigates why we have forgotten how to run. Saxby, who was described by McDougall as the "world's best barefoot running coach" states, "Humans have evolved as endurance running specialists, but approximately 80% of all runners are injured each year. There are three natural locomotion forms for human beings: walking, running and sprinting. Jogging is a modern invention, only possible in padded shoes. This eBook aims to stop to the tyranny of jogging and teach people how to run."

Making Sense of Proprioception

Most importantly the guide explains proprioception, the secret to optimum performance and injury free running, commonly referred to as our sixth sense. Saxby states, "Running is a skill and the cornerstone of developing that skill is proprioceptive feedback. Proprioception from the feet informs the brain of the ground reaction forces encountered and triggers change to the most appropriate form of locomotion. It's essential to enjoyable and injury free running. Understanding and developing your proprioceptive sense is the first step on the journey towards reawakening the skill of natural movement."

Shoes: Part of Our Evolutionary Heritage

Ever since humans wandered the globe they started to protect their feet from cold temperatures and rough terrains. But, it is only in the last 40 years they have started to put big padded soles between themselves and the earth. Saxby shows why shoes should be protective, but give maximum sensory feedback (proprioception).

Also available as a downloadable PDF

Combining clear and accessible information, instructional training videos and electrifying illustrations, PROPRIOCEPTION: Making Sense of Barefoot Running is part scientific text, part hands-on instructional guide, and part work of art.

Testimonials "The first time I saw Lee Saxby was the last time I ever had a running injury," Chris McDougall author of Born to Run

"I've never seen anyone better... [Lee Saxby] has the ability to translate his advice into words that make sense and which you can follow," Professor Daniel Lieberman


In 2004, VIVOBAREFOOT launched the first minimalist shoe collection with a patented, ultra thin puncture resistant sole offering maximum proprioception with protection. VIVOBAREFOOT features a collection of multi-terrain barefoot performance shoes and the largest minimalist lifestyle shoe line on the market.